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CBSE Mock Test Class X and XII: Check Latest Exam Pattern 2021-22

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The CBSE board has issued sample question papers for classes 10 and 12. The model question paper is based entirely on the format of the upcoming CBSE board exams for classes 10 and 12. This sample question paper specifies the maximum number of questions that can be included in each chapter. This also indicates how many numbers each chapter may hold. For practise examinations, this CBSE board example question paper is extremely useful.

You may create your own example question sheet for the forthcoming CBSE board exam and use it to offer CBSE board mock tests. When it comes to class 12 Mathematics courses, there are a lot of questions in the book.

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The good news is that the number of questions and marks for each chapter are predetermined. You may examine and prepare for a similar sort of question by looking at the CBSE board maths sample question paper. This will be a mock test for the Mathematics subject if you do this. 

We all know that physics is full of conceptual theory, and questions pop up throughout the chapter. However, if we are aware of the most significant topics and questions in each chapter, there is no need to be concerned. This CBSE board Physics Model question paper discusses a key topic and assists you in identifying key questions for each chapter.

Benefits of online mock tests for class 10th and 12th: 

  1. The expert teachers have conducted their research topics for the online mock tests. 
  2. The answers to the online mock tests have been generated beforehand to ensure that the students can cross check their answers at an ease. Furthermore, the answers provide thorough knowledge and are easy to understand. 
  3. The questions included in the mock tests have scores of questions which may pop up in the final class 10th examination. 
  4. Studies have shown that when students take the mock tests and then appear for the boards they performed better than the ones who did not take the examination. 

Mock Tests vs. Sample Papers 

The standard method of test preparation is to obtain and practise Sample Papers. What you do with the sample papers is quite comparable to what you will do with Mock Tests. However, there is a significant difference. In the case of sample papers, you must personally check your performance, which is time-consuming. When it comes to mock tests, the tests are rapidly approaching, and you want immediate analysis in order to proceed to the next phase without wasting time analysing the answers.

Major Changes in the CBSE Exam Pattern 

Before we go into the specifics of the CBSE New Test Pattern, let’s have a look at the modifications that have been made to the CBSE exam pattern: 

  • All subjects have an internal assessment. 
  • In the question paper, there is an internal choice. All subjects have questions added to them. 
  • Mathematics at the second level is reserved for students in grades 10 and up. 
  • There have been significant modifications in the total amount of questions across all disciplines.

Why should a student solve the CBSE New Pattern Mock Test? 

Enhances Self-Confidence: Sample papers assist students in analysing their strengths and shortcomings so that they may enhance their outcomes by focusing on weak areas. Students do better when they practise sample papers and focus on strengthening their weakest portions. 

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This boosts their self-esteem, and they work hard to achieve excellent grades. Not only may students practise their weak areas with example papers to improve their grades, but they can also practise their good sections.

Relieves stress nerves: Practicing CBSE sample papers offers students an idea of the types of questions that will be asked on the test, allowing them to adequately prepare. Students may better prepare for the test by using sample papers, and as a result, they are relieved of exam pressure and worry.

Improves Speed and Accuracy: As students practise and solve a large number of sample papers, they improve their speed in answering questions, as well as their accuracy. With frequent practise, students make fewer mistakes and complete problems correctly. 

Students spend less time on such questions in the test when they cover each part, topic, and question (which is repetitious in exams) and so finish their paper on time, which is also useful since they may cross-check their answer sheets and look for any incorrect efforts.

Understand the Marking Scheme: Sample papers explain the marking scheme as well as the distribution of marks. These are critical considerations because even a single mark on the board examinations might make or break your chances of passing. Students can also select how much to write and how much time to spend on each response based on their prior understanding of the mark distribution.

Improve Your Revision: Solving numerous papers and comparing your answers to expert-written solutions might help you identify your strong and weak aspects. This type of self-evaluation is quite beneficial when determining what to focus on and what to ignore. Exam dread will be banished and you will be better prepared for the tests if you solve at least one paper every day.

Learn Time Management: The best strategy to tackle a sample paper is to complete it in the allotted 3 hours. You get acclimated to a routine and know how to split time when you accomplish one paper a day in under three hours. While you do this on a regular basis, you will become faster, more accurate, and more confident when approaching the paper.

Noting the pattern: CBSE sample papers are structured in the same way as the actual paper, with objective and subjective questions. The sample paper also reveals information such as the marking scheme/distribution and an overview of the exam’s difficulty level. Solving sample papers would undoubtedly aid students in performing well in the CBSE Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 board examinations, in addition to having the complete description of the paper flow and sorts of questions.


1. What are the CBSE sample papers? 

Answer: The CBSE sample papers are the mock tests, which are prepared by professionals on the basis of the latest syllabus, guidelines, blueprints and patterns. These are generally released a few months prior to the main examination since the students plan, prepare and practice for the upcoming examination. 

2. Why is it important to resolve the CBSE sample papers? 

Answer: Solving the CBSE sample papers gives you an idea about the pool of questions, which may appear in the final question paper. This helps the candidate to familiarize with the concepts, patterns, syllabus, important questions, and difficulty level. 

3. Who is the authority for issuing the CBSE sample papers? 

Answer: The CBSE Sample Papers are generally released a month before the main examination. The issued sample papers are prepared by professional teachers who are on the panel of the CBSE. These papers are issued to ensure that the students can be well-prepared for the upcoming examinations. Apart from the online papers, you can also take guidance from school teachers to guide you through the path. 

4. In the first term test, would CBSE simply ask MCQs? 

Answer: Yes, in the first term test, CBSE will only give MCQs, however, there will also be case study, assertion & reason, statement, visual, and map-based questions.

5. Will the CBSE announce pass/fail results after the first term’s exams? 

Answer: No, CBSE will not declare a pass or fail after the first term’s tests, but you will receive a mark sheet. The overall score following term-2 examinations will determine whether you pass or fail.

6. Is the CBSE sample paper for 2021 available? 

Answer:  No, sample papers for 2021, based on the most recent curriculum and exam schedule, will be available soon.

7. Are Class XII Sample Papers available on the CBSE/NCERT website? 

Answer: Yes, the CBSE/NCERT publishes example practise papers for Class X and XII along with the marking scheme on their official website every year. 

You now have access to all CBSE Class XII Sample Question Papers. Revise the whole curriculum and practise these papers thoroughly as the board examinations approach. Then focus on overcoming your shortcomings.

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