Best Colleges Accepting MCAT:
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Best Colleges Accepting MCAT: Know about the top colleges, GPA requirements etc.

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re willing to take admission in medical school- and you definitely have some idea of how competitive that medical school admission process is going to be. Also, so as to begin the journey towards earning your M.D. or D.O. will require a foundation built on high MCAT scores and an impressive GPA.But what exactly are the stats, including GPA and MCAT scores, which med schools want to see in a competitive applicant? Best Colleges Accepting MCAT: Know about the top colleges, GPA requirements etc will be cleared through this post.

Rich results on google when searched about BEST COLLEGES ACCEPTING MCAT

To help you get started, we have compiled the most current MCAT scores and average undergraduate GPAs of students admitted into the top medical schools in the United States.

Every year, students worldwide take a standardized computer-based exam called MCAT. We’ve compiled some helpful tips for you on which colleges accept MCAT, grade requirements and much more!

How are MCAT scores, GPA, and percentiles calculated?

MCAT Scoring:

In 2015, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) debuted a new version of the MCAT by making big changes to format, content and score range.

On the old version, students were scored between 1-15 for each of the three sections, adding up to a perfect score of 45. Along with the addition of an entirely new fourth section on the revised MCAT, the AAMC chose to change the whole scoring system to avoid any sort of confusion.

The new system takes the old 15-point scale and adds 117 to every section. Hence, instead of a 3-45 MCAT score range, students’ scores between 118-132. So if you want to score a perfect score, then the aim has to be 528.

How do percentile works in MCAT exam?

MCAT score percentiles measure where the candidate’s score falls on the bell curve of those who’s taken the MCAT over the course.

Many times, this percentile is more useful than the actual numerical MCAT, as it shows where you stand relative to your peers.

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Does medical schools considers GPAs above 4.0?

GPA is calculated by dividing the number of grade points candidates earn in a course by the course’s number of credit hours. The grade point average may range from 0.0 to 4.0. Also, at several colleges students are allowed to score A+ grades, which is scored as 4.3. Also, the admissions committees at medical schools are aware that grading policies vary between institutions, so they’ve come up with two standardized processes used to calculate the GPA of med school applicants- one for the DO program and one for MD programs.

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MCAT scores Required for the Top Medical Schools and The Acceptance Rate

Med School RankMed School NamesMCAT ScoreAverage GPAAcceptance Rate
1Harvard University 5203.940.035
2University of Massachusetts—Worcester School of Medicine5143.960.022
3New York University (Grossman)5193.870.036
4Columbia University5213.910.041
5Stanford University5183.820.023
6University of California-San Francisco5173.860.039
7Johns Hopkins University5213.950.068
8University of Washington5113.70.047
9University of Pennsylvania5223.940.052
10Yale University5193.850.062
11Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (Alix)5203.950.032
12Washington University in St. Louis5213.930.08
13University of Pittsburgh5163.80.046
14Vanderbilt University5193.920.055
15Northwestern University (Feinberg)5193.90.057
16University of Michigan- Ann Arbor5163.820.046
17Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai5173.860.053
18University of Chicago (Pritzker)5213.920.041
19Cornell University (Weill)5183.840.043
20University of California-San Diego5163.770.036
21Baylor College of Medicine5183.930.053
22Emory University5153.70.034
23University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill5123.780.041
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What’s good GPA for medical schools ranked in the top 100 list?

For the top 100 medical schools, the average GPA for accepted students ranges from 3.58 to 3.96, with a median GPA of 3.78. For the top 10 schools, the range moves up from 3.7 to 3.96, with a median GPA of 3.88.

This means that 3.5 is really around the bottom limit of where the candidate’s undergraduate GPA can be if they are applying to any of the top 100 programs. Candidates will be in much better shape if they raise their GPA up to 3.75 – and if they’re looking at the very top tier of medical school, they should be aiming for as close to a 4.0 as possible!

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What is the maximum length of MCAT prep time?

Most students will require 10 to 15 hours per week for at least four to six months to study for the MCAT. In total, one should study for the MCAT for at least 200 to 300 hours.

How to apply for an undergraduate degree in medicine to USA and UK Univesity?

MBBS is a postgraduate programme offered in UK and USA as MD. However, if a candidate wishes to pursue an undergraduate course in Medical, then the following subjects can be studied: Biology, Nursing, Biochemistry, Health Services and Medicine.

How far back the MCAT scores are accepted by the Medical Schools?

Each school is different but mostly the schools accept the scores from tests taken 3 to 5 years ago.

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