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SAT Important Dates 2021: Know All About Exam Dates and Deadlines!

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SAT is a test conducted to assess how ready a student is to pursue higher education. The test is offered seven times a year in March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. These dates are now available for international students looking forward to taking the SAT exam in 2021 or 2022.

The test is important for all undergraduates who want to study abroad. SAT1 and SAT2 test categories are offered, wherein students can select as per their study program’s requirements. 

SAT Test Dates 2021

The table below represents the SAT exam 2021 schedule for Indian students.

Test DateSAT General TestRegistration DeadlineResults
2 October 2021Available3 September 202115 October 2021
6 November 2021AvailableTentativeTentative
4 DecemberAvailable5 November 202117 December 2021
SAT exam 2021 schedule for Indian students

SAT Test Dates 2022

The table below represents the tentative schedule for STA exam 2022-23 for Indian students.

Test AvailableDate
SAT/SAT subject test27 August 2022
SAT/SAT subject test2 October 2022
SAT/SAT subject test5 November 2022
SAT/SAT subject test3 December 2022
SAT exam11 March 2023
SAT/SAT subject test6 May 2023
SAT/SAT subject test3 June 2023
Tentative schedule for STA exam 2022-23 for Indian students

SAT Exam 2021 in Brief!

SAT is a globally recognised test taken by students to study in popular destinations like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA. The exam tests a student’s verbal, written, and mathematics abilities. Besides, students who want to pursue specializations can also take SAT subject tests to display their understanding of the field. 

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Subject tests are available for history, mathematics, sciences, literature, and foreign languages. All students can take more than one SAT subject test if their preferred educational institution demands it. 

Eligibility and Types of SAT Exam 2021

The SAT exam has two types – SAT and SAT subject test. Let us understand them in brief.

SAT Test, taken in 3 Hours, does not evaluate your logical or reasoning abilities but tests the understanding of the concepts involved in our generic studies of high school (Class 9 to 12).

Image credentials-ischoolconnect

SAT subject tests generally have a duration of an hour wherein students can showcase their knowledge of the field. It includes subjects like mathematics, history, foreign languages, and sciences. Not all colleges or universities ask for subject-based tests; however, students must do their research before applying for the exam.

Students who are currently enrolled in high school (Class 9 to 12) are eligible to take the test. Besides, these students must also have an intent of studying at foreign universities or colleges to continue with SAT exam 2021.

SAT Registration 2021

SAT exam 2021 is conducted by the College Board. Students looking for SAT registrations for the 2021 process can check out the following steps to ensure a quick and easy enrollment process.

  • Visit the official website of the College Board.
  • On the home page, click on SAT.
  • Create your account on the website to proceed.
  • Share personal information once the account registration is complete.
  • Now, create your student profile (includes education info and other academic details).
  • Select your preferred SAT test dates and locations in 2021.
  • Upload your profile picture (must contain your current appearance to enter exam hall)
  • Pay SAT exam fee through either a credit card or PayPal.

Your registration process is now complete. You must note down your login credentials to avoid forgetting or losing them.

SAT Registration 2021 Via Mail

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SAT registration 2021 can also be done via mail. Indian students can also use their nearest postal service to register for SAT exams offline. All schools usually provide a user manual of student registration for SAT and SAT subject tests. This manual consists of an application form and a return envelope. You must also attach a demand draft with the application form and send it to USIEF (Indian partner for holding SAT exams).

Duly check all the information before sending in your application form to reduce your chances of rejection. 

Tips to Remember

Here are some tips for students taking SAT exam 2021:

Image Credentials-collegeprep
  • Familiarise yourself with SAT
  • Practice mental maths
  • Read nonfiction books or articles
  • Attempt practice tests mixing each part of SAT exam
  • Understand, do not mug
  • Read chapters from the official study guide
  • Revise your vocabulary 
  • Revise grammar
  • Set a score goal
  • Take all the help you can get for preparations
  • Identify and address your weak points

On the day of taking SAT exam 2021, you must keep your mind free from worries to give your best and qualify. Eat your breakfast, drink water, and reach your examination center earlier to get comfortable with the surroundings or people. Make all necessary preparations like checking pen ink, submitting phones; handy admit cards, and similar.

How to Select a Date for SAT exam 2021?

It is crucial to select a date that fits your academic schedule. Here are some factors that you can consider to choose an apt date for your SAT exam.

  • Your preferred college’s application deadline

Knowing your preferred college’s deadline to submit an application is a key factor in deciding SAT exam date. For instance, the deadline for most colleges falls around January 1 in the US for regular decisions and November 1 to 15 for early decisions. Keep at least six weeks in your hands before the due date of your college application, as processing SAT scores takes time. Besides, your timeline should also not increase eight to nine weeks before the deadline. 

  • SAT scholarship
Image Credential- Great Value Colleges

In most cases, SAT scholarships also use the same deadline dates as presented by the colleges or universities. If it has not been specified anywhere, you can also contact your school to know the details.

  • SAT test retake

You should take the test at least twice, depending upon your score goal requirements. You can either take the second test in your class 8 to 10 or the summer of your senior year (Class 11-12). Also, you must avoid back-to-back SAT registration 2021 to reduce stressful endeavors.

  • Preparation time

Preparing for any competitive exam is always the hardest. To make sure you cover the entire syllabus and understand every aspect of SAT exam 2021, you must start preparations as early as six months before the exam. You can also take mock tests to test your knowledge of various concepts.

Frequently asked Questions on SAT Exam Dates (FAQs)

Q1. What are the documents required to register for SAT exam 2021-22?

Ans: The documents required for SAT registration 2021 are a valid photo ID, one latest photograph, academic details, credit card, or PayPal account to pay the test fee

Q2. SAT or ACT – Which one is better?

Ans: Since both ACT and SAT exams are internationally recognized by most universities and colleges for admitting students, it is difficult to pick one. Besides, no college or university has a specific preference for SAT or ACT. You can take either of the two or both exams to get admission to foreign colleges and universities.

Q3. What is included in the syllabus of mathematics for SAT exam 2021?

Ans: Mathematics test for SAT exam includes algebra, problem-solving, advanced mathematics, and similar topics.

Q4. Is it possible to score negative on the SAT exam 2021?

Ans: No. SAT exam 2021 has a score range of 400 to 1600, wherein 400 is the lowest score a student can get. There are no negative or zero scores.

Q5. What are the SAT scores required by Ivy League universities across the globe?

Ans: Here are some top Ivy League universities with their SAT score requirements:

  • Yale University – 1480 to 1600
  • Princeton University – 1460 to 1600
  • Harvard University – 1480 to 1600
  • Cornell University – 1110 to 1370
  • Columbia University – 1460 to 1590
  • University of Pennsylvania – 1450 to 1580
  • Dartmouth College – 1410 to 1580

SAT scores are crucial for taking admissions, especially in top universities and colleges of the USA, UK, and Canada.

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