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Heredity and Evolution

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Which statement about alleles is not true?

  1. There may be several at a locus.
  2. One may be dominant over another.
  3. They occupy different loci on the same chromosome.
  4. None of the above
Correct Answer: Option(c)
Solution: The alternative forms of a gene are alleles. Since genes are present on chromosomes on fix loci, an allele is present at a locus on a chromosome. 
A trait that fully manifests itself, in heterozygous condition, is referred to as the dominant trait and the allele controlling it is known as a dominant allele. The trait that does not express itself in heterozygous condition or whose effect is masked by the presence of dominant trait is known as a recessive trait and the responsible allele is termed as a recessive allele. Dominant-recessive relationship of alleles is due to the production of less functional protein/non-functional protein/no protein product at all by a recessive allele.   
Multiple alleles refer to the presence of more than two alternate forms of a gene which should be accommodated on two loci on a homologous pair. This is facilitated by the presence of more than one allele on the same locus provided one allele is present at a locus at a time in a chromosome.
Therefore, the correct answer is option C.
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