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How do Organisms Reproduce?

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Identify the pair of wrong statements from the following.
(I) Branches of limited growth in Asparagus perform photosynthesis.
(II) Petiole of Australian acacia helps in photosynthesis.
(III) A floral bud of Agave stores food materials.
(IV) Aerial roots of Taeniophyllum helps in vegetative propagation.

  1. I, IV
  2. I, II
  3. II, IV
  4. III, IV
Correct Answer: Option(d)
The stem of Asparagus is a cladode. In this modification branches of limited growth become green and flat like a leaf and perform photosynthesis.
In Australian acacia, the petiole undergoes modification known as phylloclade which helps in photosynthesis.
Agave is the plants which develop the structures called as bulbils. These are fleshy swollen structures which are responsible for storage of food. These develop in the axil of the bracts of the inflorescence. 
The aerial roots are developed in the Taeniophyllum orchids. This is the type of roots which have the velamen tissue. These roots are capable of absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. 
Thus, the correct answer is 'III, IV'.
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