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Describe the method of tea making by using the terminology of:
(e) soluble (b) solvent (c) solute (d) solution (e) insoluble (f) filtrate (g) residue (h) dissolve 

Solution: Take a kettle or a teapot. Add water to it. Boil the water and add tea powder/lea leaves to it based on your choice. The more tea you add, the stronger the liquid becomes. Note that tea is the and water is the Also, the tea powder In water, but the essence Is absorbed by the liquid. Once the tea mixture starts to boiling, dissolve sugar (another solute) In it. You may add sugar as long It is In It for maximum sweetness. To this add milk if you need milk tea. Once it is boiled, remove it from the heat source and the solution for tea powder. You can see that the residue you get Is tea powder, and the filtrate (the liquid after nitration) is black/milk tea. 
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