find the value of x satisfying the equation |||{x}^{2}-x+4|-2|-3|= | Filo
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Quadratic Equations

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find the value of satisfying the equation

Now consider
Discriminant is . Hence for
Again consider ,
Discriminant is Hence
Again consider,
Discriminant is
So the roots are
But i.e.,
is not admissible.
Case x\quad \epsilon \quad (-\infty ,\cfrac { 1-\sqrt { 5 }  }{ 2 } ]\cup [\cfrac { 1+\sqrt { 5 }  }{ 2 } ,\infty ){ x }^{ 2 }-x-1={ x }^{ 2 }+x-12\\ \Rightarrow 2x=11\\ x=5.5$$

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