Become a FILO


The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly left almost all of us crippled. The most affected, however, are millions of students across the country who are rendered helpless without access to proper guidance and resources. Not everyone can purchase and enrol into expensive online courses, so needless to say, the anxiety of these students is mounting with every passing day as they are unable to garner the kind of support they deserve from their teachers and seniors.

Another area of concern includes stressful parents, who do want their children to compromise on their studies, while also ensuring their safety from this deadly virus. Teachers, though willing to aid their students in every possible way are also finding it hard to deliver properly due to lack of good infrastructure and an acute shortage of time. All of this is resulting in endless trauma for these students, for they do not know what the future holds for them in these unprecedented times and with the JEE/NEET exams just around the corner.


Therefore, we developed FILO app. Filo means “friend”, all we are doing on Filo is connecting a friend in need. It enables students to get answers to any questions related to their subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology) in real time from experts over a video call for free in this pandemic phase.


We are already receiving questions from all over India, but our team isn’t big enough to help thousands of students. Therefore, we have kickstarted the mission #BecomeAFilo and urge you all to join us in easing the burden of the budding students of our country. If you are currently studying in an educational institute of national repute like the IITs, NITs, DTU and top-notched government colleges, we request you to devote some time to the JEE/NEET aspirants from your busy schedules, for you are only role models these students have and the ones they need. Quoting Batman, ‘you are the hero that Gotham deserves’ AND needs right now. We are already receiving calls from all over India, primarily from the states of Bihar, MP, UP, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, so do not miss out on the opportunity to embark on this novel journey with us.

Every query you resolve, every student that you counsel, mentor and guide is one soul taking a huge step towards success.

Those who want to join and influence the lives of thousands of students can fill the following form.