What will set apart toppers from the crowd in NEET 2021?

There are millions of students that are set to appear for the NEET 2021 and despite the best efforts, only a handful of them are going to make it into the cream of the rankings. That brings us to the question - What sets apart toppers from the crowd in such a competitive exam? Here are a few things that previous years’ toppers have to say about making the cut -

1. Belief in oneself -

One of the most important things that a student needs to succeed is a strong belief in oneself and their abilities. Students need to remind themselves of this fact daily. Doing so will etch this belief in their subconscious mind and that will always give them confidence.

2. Be well-versed with NCERT to the last detail

Students preparing for NEET from class 11, and especially without coaching, should recognize that NCERT is one of the most crucial materials for the exam. Questions featured in the NEET are based on NCERT books. So students should make sure that they are extremely well-versed with the NCERT books thoroughly. A thorough grasp of NCERT will ensure that students can crack the NEET without even coaching.

3. A Time Table/Schedule

Successful people have a trait in common, they always have a set timeline towards their goals - a timetable or a schedule. Students must also recognize that there is nothing more precious than time.
If you really want to be in the cream of the rankings then need to crack the NEET 2021. For that one needs to know how to utilize time effectively and what topics should get more time and which ones should get less time.
For that students should make a timetable and follow it strictly. And as such for the preparation of NEET 2021, students need to give at least 10-12 hours daily.
Students should divide their time into three equal parts and study accordingly.

4. Make Your Own Notes

Most students suffer because they do not make their own notes. Making one's own notes help with revision and clearing of concepts on a later date. During the final stages of the preparation, it’s very difficult to go through entire books and so the notes came in handy for such times.
It has been suggested that students should make three separate notebooks for each subject and write down all the formulas of each chapter, and after each formula have two or three solved problems related to the formula.
Also, pro tip - write the SI Units after each solution, this will help with SI Unit questions. Keep revising the formula book every 15 days.

5. Previous Years’ Papers

To get the best feel for the NEET 2021, students can take the help of the exam papers from the previous years. Students should attempt these papers at regular intervals of time. Since currently, NEET 2021 occurs two times a day, students can get their hands on around 8 to 10 papers from each year.
Begin solving the papers chapter-wise first, then as a whole.

6. Practise on Test Series

Practice for the exam environment is really crucial for the students who want to make it to the top tiers. Students are encouraged to join a couple of test series. The test series can be joined online these days. Students should try and solve the complete Test series with complete dedication and time consideration. This will help them fare well in NEET.

7. Students need smart work

Students need to be creative and need to employ smart work instead of hard work these days. Most students spend so much time on reading lengthy chapters from which only a few questions appear in the exam. Students should smartly divide their time and give more time to chapters that are going to give good returns.
Division of time based on weightage is critical for students to crack the top ranks in the NEET 2021.

8. Don’t go heavy with too many books

Several students emphasize on buying several books for each subject. This leads to them trying to read all of them or none of them. Toppers advise that students should buy just one or two books for every subject and try to get their grasp on those books. Trying to learn concepts from several books can lead to confusion.

9. Distractions

Social media has turned out to be the biggest distraction for students in today’s time. A lot of time can be utilized on important preparation aspects.
If you want to be inside the top ranks, you need to cut out the distractions. Try and distance yourself from mobile phones when studying. Focus is critical.

10. Shortcuts are not all bad

Time is a big constraint in the NEET 2021 exam and so to solve a maximum number of questions in the given time you will need to employ shortcuts.
Students should go to YouTube and other such resources and scourge for shortcuts in Chemistry and such. This will help you save time.

11. Don’t let doubts linger

Students tend to let go of the concepts they could not get cleared in class or coaching. This should not be the case if they want to crack into the top ranks. They should always go back to the uncleared concepts. For this students can take the use of theFilo app, where doctors and medical students are available 24x7 to help them out over video calls, that too for free.