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TOEFL Cut-off 2021- Check out the List of Participating Colleges!

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TOEFL Cut-off 2021: TOEFL has revealed the cut-off criteria for the Top Participating universities. An admission cutoff is a minimum score that must be achieved in order to be considered for admission to one of the participating institutes. More than 10,000 universities in over 150 countries accept TOEFL scores.

Those planning to take the TOEFL IBT 2021 can read the entire article to learn about the university-level cut-offs in several of the countries.

Good TOEFL Scores:

Score criteria for the TOEFL The needed minimum score often vary from 70 to 110 points. However, on average, any score below 80 is not regarded as satisfactory and does not match the requirements for most colleges.

  • If you’re applying to a number of graduate institutions and colleges, a score of 80 to 90 could be enough.
  • A score of 90 to 100 qualifies you as a qualified applicant for the majority of elite colleges.
  • If you score between 100 and 120 on the TOEFL, you are likely to meet the Ivy League institutions’ minimal TOEFL cutoffs.

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You should bear in mind, however, that you must also fulfill the university’s section-by-section standards. The following are the optimal and minimum TOEFL scores by section

  • Reading 22-30,
  • listening 22-30
  • Speaking 26-30,
  • Writing 24-30

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TOEFL US Universities Cut-off Criteria:

The United States is regarded as the most academically successful country. The majority of candidates choose from Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, and other colleges to study.

These are the colleges Cut-off that accepts the top TOEFL scores:

UniversitiesCut-Off Range
Harvard UniversityBetween 100-105
Columbia University100
California Institute of Technology78
UC Berkeley100
Duke University90
Brown University100 and above
University of California, Los Angeles87
University of Michigan-Ann ArborVaried between 88 – 100;
Minimum 23 in each section 
Northwestern UniversityPHD:100
MS: 90
Stanford University100
Yale University100
University of California85
University of IllinoisVaried between 79 to 102
Carnegie Mellon University102 and above

TOEFL UK Universities Cutoff Criteria:

The United Kingdom is the second most popular academic destination after the United States, and it is home to the world-renowned Oxford University. 

The following information will provide you with a thorough understanding of the situation. Check out below about the top universities and their TOEFL Cut-off: 

UniversitiesCut-Off Range
Oxford University100
Listening Section minimum: 22 
Reading Section minimum: 24 
Speaking Section minimum: 25 
Writing Section minimum: 24
University College London92 and above 
Reading & Writing section minimum: 24 Listening and Speaking section: 20  
Cambridge University100
25 in each of the section
Edinburgh University92
20 in each of the section
King’s College, London109
Writing Section: 27
25 in each of the section
University of Warwick92
University of ManchesterVaried from: 72 to 109
University of Bristol90
20 in each of the section
University of Leeds92
Listening and reading section: 21
Speaking Section: 23
Writing Section: 22
Imperial College LondonVaried from: 82 to 92
University of Exeter90
Writing & listening skills: 21
Reading Section: 22
Speaking Section: 23
University of Lancaster87
University of Nottingham81
London School of Economics107

Top Canadian Universities Cut-Off:

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Obtaining a degree from one of Canada’s institutions signifies excellence, as well as a higher level of confidence and recognition for their academic qualifications.

The following is a list of universities in Canada and their TOEFL Cut-off that’s need consideration while taking admission:

University of Toronto93
University of British Columbia100
McGill University100-    
Each section: 20
University of Alberta100-Each section:
20 Minimum
University of Waterloo90-
Writing Part: 25
Speaking Part: 25
McMaster University92
University of Montreal86
University of CalgaryVaried from: 86 to108
Western University83-
Minimum Each section: 20 
University of Ottawa60 points overall and 20 points in writing or 70 points overall and 16 points in writing
Queen’s University110
York UniversityVaried from: 79 to 80
Simon Fraser University93;
Minimum: 20 in each skill

TOEFL German Universities Cut-off Criteria:

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For German colleges, the TOEFL cutoff is between 80 and 100. Thousands of students all around the world take the TOEFL language test.

For international students seeking affordable education alternatives, Germany has been a popular study destination. Exams needed to study in Germany are becoming more valuable.

Universities Cut-Off criteria
LMU Munich80
Technical University of Munich88
Heidelberg University90
Charite – Universitätsmedizin Berlin92
University of Tuebingen79 and above
Humboldt University of Berlin79
RWTH Aachen90
University of Freiburg100 and above
University of Bonn80

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a good TOEFL score for 2021?

By any standard, a TOEFL score of 110 to 120 is optimal. You will almost certainly get accepted into the best school and colleges

Q. Is TOEFL required for 2021?

ETS does not provide any qualifying requirements for taking the TOEFL test. If universities, colleges, or educational institutions in English-speaking nations demand TOEFL scores as part of their entrance criteria, candidates must take the exam.

Q. How much TOEFL score is required for Harvard?

HGSE prioritizes applicants who have a TOEFL score of 104 or above, with individual section scores of at least 26 in all the skills i.e. reading, writing, hearing, and speaking).

Q. Do American citizens need TOEFL?

You won’t have to take the TOEFL if you’re a US citizen or permanent resident. You may need to take the TOEFL if you’re an international applicant from a non-English-speaking country.

Q. In which countries TOEFL is accepted?

TOEFL results are recognized at institutions in 150+ countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Canada. 

Q. Can I prepare for TOEFL in 10 days?

 If your goal is 100 and your practice test reveals that you have a score of somewhere around 50-60, you may need more time constraints and give yourself additional time to prepare for the TOEFL.

Summing Up

A decent TOEFL score does not necessarily imply a high one. It is, in reality, the university’s minimal TOEFL requirements that candidates must meet in order to be considered for admission. As a result, your application is not just dependent on your TOEFL score.

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There are other academic, extracurricular, and other requirements to consider. Once you’ve decided on a goal score, start sharpening your talents with frequent practice while keeping an eye on your academics, extracurriculars, and other Commitments.

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