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NTSE 2022 Preparation Guide: Top Tips, Strategies & Tactics to Ace the Scholarship Exam!

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Every student in school life aspires to achieve at least one unique feat that they can boast for a lifetime. For Indian students, there is hardly anything better than bagging a top position in National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), the prestigious talent evaluation system. But receiving a top rank is a tough nut to crack. That’s why students need to follow NTSE preparation tips and guide to do well in the competitive exam. 

If you’re also aspiring to attempt and get a top rank in NTSE, but are not sure about how to go about the preparations, then you’ve arrived at the right spot. We’ll discuss some of the top NTSE exam tips recommended by experts and top rank holders in the blog. 

But before you start taking note of our top recommendations on getting impressive marks in NTSE, it’s essential to understand the nuts and bolts of the paper conducted in two different phases. 

What is the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 2022? 

Conducted by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT), the NTSE is a national level exam. Organised in two phases, the NTSE aims to identify talented students who can change the future. 

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Stage 1 of NTSE is a state-level exam, and that’s why state authorities conduct it. Candidates scoring top ranks in Stage 1 of the NTSE qualify for writing Stage 2 of the competitive paper. Both papers, however, have a similar exam format. 

Candidates who qualify for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of NTSE are awarded state-sponsored financial assistance in the form of a monthly scholarship. Other perks of qualifying NTSE include getting preference in college admissions, government and private jobs, and more. 

NTSE 2022 Preparation Strategy 

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NTSE Exam Preparation Strategy 1: Getting Your Basics Right 

Most students start preparing for NTSE and their academics and double down on their preparations just a few weeks before the exam. The strategy helps students in clearing their basic concepts first. 

Moreover, using this strategy, NTSE candidates feel more comfortable taking on questions that require a deep understanding of topics. The saying that get your basics right indeed stands true in this context, at least. 

NTSE Exam Preparation Strategy 2: Practice Makes a Man Perfect

However, a few students go the extra mile and give more importance to NTSE than their school papers. In this approach, candidates start attempting NTSE-based questions right from the time when they enter the IXth Standard. These students have an upper edge in understanding the exam, as they have already written thousands of NTSE questions and hundreds of mock tests. 

Which Exam Preparation Strategy Should You Follow For NTSE 2022? 

Both strategies have found success for students in the past. You can choose any of the preparation strategies. Instead, it would be better to devise your own system because you know what works the best for you. 

NTSE Exam 2022 Preparation Tactics 

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1. Know NTSE Syllabus By Heart

First things first, no matter what exam you’re preparing for, you should always start by knowing the minutiae of its syllabus. Preparation for NTSE is no different. Without understanding the complete syllabus, it’s unlikely that you’ll score good marks in the exams. 

Most questions in the exam are directly from topics learnt in class IXth and Xth. However, the difficulty rises in Stage 2 (National Level) of NTSE. Candidates are advised to prepare all topics from Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, General Knowledge and Mental Ability.  

2. Get Familiar with NTSE 2022 Exam Pattern

Knowing the NTSE 2022 Exam Pattern along with the syllabus will help you understand how you can devise your strategy for the competitive exam. Getting familiar with the exam pattern will also help you find your scoring areas. Candidates get one mark for each correct answer, while no mark is deducted for wrong answers. 

NTSE 2021 Exam Pattern: 

NTSE Section Total Number of QuestionsTime Provided Marks 
MAT (Mental Ability Tests)100 Questions120 Minutes120
SAT (Scholastic Ability Tests)100 Questions120 Minutes120
Total200 Questions240 Minutes (4 hours) 240

3. Test Your Preparations By Attempting Mock Tests 

You may need to attempt tens or hundreds of mock papers before the final exams to understand how to ace the NTSE exam. You can start by practising a few questions from a few topics each day and finally making it to a complete mock a day. Attempting NTSE mock tests will also help you understand your strong and weak areas, based on which you can mend the direction of your preparation. 

4. Revise, Revise and Revise 

Be it complex mathematics formulas or science theories; you should never shy from revising the topics at regular intervals, no matter how strong you feel about that subject or topic. Revising regularly will ensure that you keep visiting the topics from which questions may come in NTSE. 

5. Keep Doubts Away 

You should get your doubts cleared during your preparation days as soon as they start casting over your mind. Reach to a teacher or an expert at Filo to get all your doubts within a snap. You shouldn’t be having any doubts on the day of the exam. Having doubts on exam day could really shatter your confidence, and we know you don’t want that. Right? 

6. Take Lessons from Previous Years Papers

Strolling through previous year NTSE questions will give you a fair idea about the exam’s difficulty. You’ll also be able to understand the questions asked in the paper, which can help in your preparations. You can also attempt previous years papers as part of the preparations. 

7. Make NCERTs Your Best Buddy 

Expert teachers and previous years NTSE toppers have always recommended candidates to go through the NCERT books of Class VIth to Xth to better prepare for the paper. Of course, you can opt for additional books for giving a boost to your preparations. But that will only bear fruits if you’ve completed the basics of NCERTs. 

Last Minute NTSE Preparation Tips 

  • Revision of formulae and GK sections is a must. It’s advised that whatever you learn revise properly. 
  • You shouldn’t give unnecessary advice to anybody or take it from anyone, especially during a few hours before the exam. 
  • Never panic, especially in the exam school. You’ll get more exams to prove yourself. 
  • Take a good sleep before the exam. It’ll ease your mental stress and help you improve your focus. 
  • Don’t get afraid of the competition. Remember, you’re your only competitor. Just do better every time. 
  • Enjoy the learning process and writing the exam. 

NTSE Preparation 2022: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1:  How much time should I reserve for NTSE 2022 revision?

A: The time required for revision totally depends on your preparations. However, experts advise wrapping the syllabus 30 days before the exam, so you can have enough time to revise everything.

Q2: How to find my weak areas for NTSE 2022 exam? 

Answer: Candidates can attempt mock and previous years NTSE papers to find out their weak areas. You can also try attempting section-wise questions to figure out topics that need more preparation than others. 

Q3: What is the fee for the NTSE exam? 

Answer: NCERT doesn’t charge any registration fee from any candidates for the Stage 2 paper. However, for the Stage 1 exam, several states and union territories do charge a registration fee that ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 100. 

Q4: Who conducts the NTSE exam? 

Answer: NCERT conducts the NTSE exam. However, Stage 1 of the exam is conducted by NCERT in collaboration with states and union territories. 

Q5: Can students clearing 10th from open school apply for NTSE 2022?

Answer: Yes, candidates who are currently pursuing or passed the 10th class from open school for the first time can apply for the NTSE 2021. However, candidates should be below 18 years to write NTSE 2022. 

Final Words! 

As mentioned above, you should follow a set of strategies, tactics and tips to ace the NTSE exam. A strategy may work wonders for you, while others may not. So, if you got time, then you can experiment with all the methods to devise your own preparation strategy for NTSE. 

In any case, following any of the strategies is unlikely to harm your preparations because, at the end of the day, you’ll be learning a new thing or two. Only your pace is likely to impact. So, concentrate and bring the best of you during NTSE preparations. See you after the exam, champ 🙂

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