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NTSE 2022: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and All You Need to Know About Scholarship Exam

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Every exam comes with a lot of excitement and a little stress. Many questions arise on different topics. When it comes to the NTSE exam, we have jotted down all the crucial details on this topic for you!

To gain clarity about the NTSE 2022 exam, let’s jump straight to the important NTSE FAQs that contain answers to your queries.

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1. When does Stage 1 of the NTSE exam start?

The exam for NTSE Stage 1 will be conducted from December. The dates may vary from state to state. The exams might extend till January.

Also, read NTSE 2022 Preparation Guide for proper planning and tactics to score well in the NTSE exam!

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2. How many NTSE scholarships are available for the session 2021-2022?

Students of class 10th who successfully qualify in both Stage 1 and the NTSE Stage 2 of the NTSE exam are granted scholarship benefits. A student can avail of their scholarship till the Ph.D. level of education.

This shows how NTSE aids the students by providing maximum scope for completing their education smoothly.

  •  A scholarship of Rs. 1250/- is granted every month for pupils in high school.
  • College students (for Under-graduate and Postgraduate courses) are given a scholarship

of Rs. 2000/- every month.

  • The scholarship terms have to be discussed with their universities for Ph.D. 

Extra Advantages of NTSE Scholarship

·       Having an NTSE scholarship is a huge deal for getting admission to many colleges in India.

·       Attempting this exam not only enhances self-confidence but allows the student to expand their views on learning and education.

·       NTSE scholars get extra credit when they apply for jobs or different colleges.

3. How old do you have to be to Register for NTSE Exam 2022?

The upper age limit for applying for the NTS Exam is 18 years. However, if you have passed class 9th with a score above 60% and are above the age of 15, you can register for this exam.

4. Where to get NTSE 2022 Application Form?

You can find the application form for the NTSE Exam on the official website of NCERT. Some schools also give out the applications in offline mode, so it’s better to inquire about it first.

After creating your ID and logging in to the portal, you can register and fill in your basic personal details. Also, attach the required documents with your signature and pay the application fee.

Your application process will be successful.

5. Is the NTSE 2022 syllabus for Stage 1 the same as Stage 2?

The syllabus for the NTSE Exam will stay the same although the level of difficult questions is likely to rise.

6. What is the NTSE Syllabus for Social Science in 2022?

The syllabus for Social Science is vast, but not too difficult. It has the basic structure of class 9th to 10th Social Science which includes the following themes:

·       World History and Indian History

·       French and Industrial Revolution

·       Agriculture

·       Atmosphere and its Components

·       The Universe and the Solar System

·       Demographics and Population

·       Mauryan Empire, Mughal Dynasty, and the Sultanate Reign

·       Natural Vegetation- Flora and Fauna

·       Jainism, Buddhism and Sufi Movements in India

·       Indian Freedom Struggle and Constitution

These are the basic topics but there is more to them. You can explore and prepare more from the study material.

7. Do you Get a Scholarship for Both Stages of NTSE 2022?

Candidates have to pass both Stage 1 and NTSE Stage 2 to be nominated. Then, they can get the scholarship benefits.

8. How to Register for NTSE 2022 Exam as a student?

By going to the main website, the students have to create their unique ID and then log in through the portal. This way, they can access their application forms for further processes.

9. What is the helpline for NTSE Scholarship disbursement?

Here is the NTS Scholarship disbursement helpline number for inquiry and other purposes.

 011-26567402, 011-26567401, and 011-26562704 

10. Can I apply for other Scholarships after Getting the NTSE scholarship?

The answer is no. A student cannot apply for or use other scholarships after getting a scholarship through this exam. Their scholarship will be rejected if they use any other scholarships.

R.S. Agarwal books, sample test paper books (online or offline), and your school syllabus for class 9th and 10th could make good study materials. Apart from online study material, here’s a list of other books for better practice:

·   Pearson Guide to NTSE class X (in English)

·   A Comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X by Access Publishing (English)

·   Practice Test Papers for NTSE Class X by Tata McGraw Hill Publications (1st edition)

·   Target NTSE Class 10 Stage 1 & 2 Solved Papers (2015 – 21) + 5 Mock Tests (MAT + SAT) 7th Edition by Disha Publication

·   NTSE Stage 1 Question Bank – Past Year 2012-21 (9 States) + Practice Question Bank 5th Edition by Disha Publication

12. What are some good tips to prepare for the NTSE 2022?

Prepare a rough idea of the overall syllabus of the entire exam. Solve question papers of previous years to learn more about question patterns and so on.

Devote at least four to five hours to studying for the exam. Attempt mock tests so that you can practice time management as well. Lastly, do not overdo it since it leads to stress and exhaustion.

Above All

Here’s hoping that these FAQs helped you gain clarity on the happenings of the NTSE Exam- from the NTSE syllabus and preparation tips to scholarship benefits!

To get more insight and direction for exam preparation, feel free to download the Filo app and contact our tutors anytime.

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