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New York University Admission 2022: Check Complete Process to Secure a Seat into NYU!

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Getting admission into the New York University (NYU) is an aspiration for thousands of ambitious students who are passionate about exploring art and other cultures. Being one of the few art-focussed institutes, the New York University offers students a chance to share classrooms with like-minded young leaders who could be leading filmmakers, anchors, or anything they dream of.

Unlike MIT or Caltech, New York University puts artistic minds first, making the institute the preferred choice for students aspiring to improve their creativity, expression, and innovation.

At NYU, it’s not all about grades, as its cross-cultural mission creates a diverse campus community, offering students to live college years full of unique experiences that will be with them forever.

Image Credential – New York University

Applicants can study at one of three campuses of New York University: the original campus in New York, the Abu Dhabi campus in the UAE, the Shanghai campus in China. New York University promises diversity in all three campuses. Candidates can also study from eleven study-away sites.

New York University Legacy 

Founded in 1831, New York University is a private research university organized into ten undergraduate schools. Some of the most popular schools at NYU include College of Arts & Science, Gallatin School, Steinhardt School, Stern School of Business, Tandon School of Engineering, and the Tisch School of Arts.

Image Credential- NYU Stern

Overall, NYU has given the world 38 Nobel Laureates, 8 Turing Award winners, 26 Pulitzer Prize winners, Academy Award winners, 30 Emmy Award winners, and 17 billionaires. 

From Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey to Hunger Games trilogy writer Suzanne Collins to singer Lady Gaga, New York University’s legacy is nothing less than one of the most precious treasures for the world.  

New York University (NYU) ranking

According to the latest rankings of universities published by Forbes, Niche, U.S. News & World Report and Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education, the New York University is placed comfortably at top positions. 

RankingsNYU’s Rank
U.S. News & World Report28
Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education26
New York University (NYU) ranking

New York University Acceptance Rate 

If you’re excited about getting admission into New York University, then you’re probably not alone. More than 100k students apply to NYU every year, which makes the competition cut-throat.

On average, New York University is home to about 29,700 undergraduate students and nearly 18,300 graduate students. Coming to NYU’s acceptance rate, for the Class of 2025, more than 100k students applied at the institute, of which roughly about 12,800 were accepted. This brings New York University’s acceptance rate to 12.8%. 

NYU Class of 2025 Admission ParticularsNYU Class of 2025 Admission Details
Accepted students 12,800 (Approximately) 
Matriculants6,500 (Approximately) 
Acceptance Rate12.8%
New York University Acceptance Rate 
Image Credential – New York University

What NYU Looks for in Applicants? 

Like any other college, New York University wants bright minds exploring new concepts at its campus. Candidates applying at NYU not just need high scores in standardized tests (SAT/ACT) but also require great GPAs. Here are some of the basic academic qualifications accepted by NYU: 

  • SAT score/ACT score
  • IB diploma
  • 3 IB higher-level scores (if IB diploma not earned)
  • Scores in other international exams approved by NYU
Image Credential – New York University

New York University Admissions: GPA Cut-off 

Officially speaking, New York University doesn’t have a GPA cut-off for admissions to undergraduate programmes. However, candidates with high GPA scores and excellent academic backgrounds do have an edge. 

For instance, almost 80% of accepted students at NYU were ranked in the top 10% of their graduating high school class. Moreover, on average, the GPU scores of accepted candidates stands at 3.7. 

The GPA of the 25th percentile of students getting admissions in New York University stands at 3.5, while the average GPA for 75th percentile of students stands at near about 3.9.

New York University Admissions: SAT/ACT Cut-off

Standardized TestPreferred Score for NYU Admission
ACT score32
ACT 25th percentile30
ACT 75th percentile34
SAT score1430
SAT 25th percentile1350
SAT 75th percentile1530
New York University Admissions: SAT/ACT Cut-off

New York University Admissions: Extracurricular activities 

It’s one area where you can shine above all. Extracurricular activities play a crucial role in New York University admissions as the institute gives a lot of value to art and applied subjects. Experts suggest that extracurricular activities set applicants apart as exceptional candidates for NYU admissions.

The institute indeed values the time students spend outside the classroom in their schooling years. However, candidates need to be mindful while sharing information about extracurricular activities with NYU. 

New York University Admissions Requirements 

New York University requires candidates to submit the following documents for admission purposes: 

  • Common App Application with Common App Essay and Activities Section
  • High school transcript
  • School report written by a high school counsellor
  • One or two letters of recommendation written by a teacher 
  • SAT/ACT scores 

Moreover, candidates applying at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development or the Tisch School of the Arts will have to submit an audition or portfolio for admission purposes. 

New York University Admission Deadlines 

Admission deadlines at New York University differ based on the three different admission options offered by the institute – NYU Early Decision I, NYU Early Decision II and NYU Regular Decision. 

Candidates need to select one of the three options to apply for admissions at NYU. Here are the three admission options in detail along with deadlines: 

NYU Early Decision I

The deadline for NYU Early Decision I is November 1, and the notification comes out on December 15. Candidates can either get accepted, denied or deferred to regular decisions. However, if accepted, an applicant has no choice but to enrol at NYU. The institute also requires candidates to withdraw all their other applications if accepted in NYU Early Decision I. 

NYU Early Decision II

The application deadline for NYU Early Decision II is January 1. By February 16, it’s clear, if the candidate is accepted, denied, or deferred to regular decision. However, if accepted, the applicant has to enrol at the institute while withdrawing all other applications. 

NYU Regular Decision

The application deadline for NYU regular decision is January 5. The admission notification comes out by April 1, with the possible choices being accepted, denied, or waitlisted. Candidates who get accepted in the NYU Regular Decision don’t have to withdraw their applications from other institutes. 

Summing Up! 

Thousands of students with creative minds globally aspire to graduate from New York University. But that doesn’t come easy, as candidates still need to clear the rigorous admission process. During the years at NYU, candidates get to spend a lot of time with students nations and races, which helps them understand other cultures –  a major reason why the institutes’ graduates are some of the most imaginative minds out there. 

We know you can also do so. All you need is an excellent academic record, coupled with exceptional extracurriculars to make the cut. All the best, mate! 

NYU Admissions: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How can Students contact NYU Counselors available for advising?

NYU provided Graduate Enrollment Services on a walk-in basis, Monday – Friday, from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Candidates can also call the office at (212) 998-8050, or send an e-mail at to resolve their queries.

2. What is the Total Number of Courses Offered by New York University? 

Currently, New York Univerity offers about 9,700 courses in more than 650 areas of study. 

3. How Much Is NYU’s application Fee?

Candidates applying for undergraduate courses at New York University will need to pay a non-refundable application fee of $80. 

4. What is the Average Fee for Undergraduate Courses at New York University? 

The average fee for undergraduate courses at New York University is $53,308, as per the academic year 2019–2020. 

5. What is New York University’s Acceptance Rate? 

For the Class of 2025, over 100k students applied, of which roughly about 12,800 were accepted, bringing the New York University’s acceptance rate to 12.8%.

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