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NEET 2021 Paper Analysis: Student’s Reaction, Section-wise Stats and What’s Next!

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The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducted the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2021 in pen and paper mode on September 12, 2021. More than 95% of 16.14 lakh registered candidates appeared for the three-hour-long competitive paper held across the country. With the exam done and dusted, candidates must be now busy analysing the NEET 2021 paper. 

Amid a tense environment, chitter-chatter with classmates on how many questions were left unattempted or discussions related to troubling questions with tutors will be buzzing all around the country. 

In a bid to give students a clear idea of how the exam was in reality, here’s our blog on NEET 2021 paper analysis that will discuss its difficulty, the section-wise breakup of paper, types of questions asked, students responses, tutors remarks, and more. 

Why is NEET 2021 exam analysis important for candidates? 

Going through the NEET 2021 exam analysis will help aspirants analyse their exam performance, understand the NEET difficulty level, and predict their chances of getting a seat at some of the top medical colleges in the country. 

Candidates can now also start shortlisting medical colleges and institutes based on the expected marks they are likely to score in the exam.

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NEET 2021: Students Review 

Most of the students reported that the difficulty level of the NEET 2021 question paper was easy to moderate. Only a handful of students labelled the difficulty of the exam as tough. 

Out of all the sections, students found the biology one easy peasy lemon squeezy. While chemistry was slighter more challenging, several students reported that physics was the toughest and confusing of all.  

Candidates also found that the physics and chemistry sections took more time than biology, as most of the questions from botany and zoology were direct NCERT books. Well, that’s why we were reiterating that candidates should make NCERTs their best friend. 

NEET 2021 Paper Analysis: Tutor Review 

According to one of our Filo tutor Amit Kumar Singh, this year’s exam was comparatively difficult as compared to last year’s papers. The paper was purely conceptual, especially questions in the Physics section. Most of the questions were numerical not based on formulas. 

He added that the 2021 NEET paper was completely different as the number of questions appearing in the physics section were mostly from NCERT’s class 12th and a few were from class 11th. Also, Physics Section B was a little more difficult than Section A. 

For future aspirants, he emphasised that the trends are hard to miss out but students must master the golden rule of not only understanding the concepts but their application as well.

Analysis of NEET 2021 exam 

NEET 2021 question paper comprised 200 questions in total, of which candidates were asked to answer 180 questions. Candidates will be awarded four marks for each correct answer, which takes the total marks to 720. In contrast, aspirants will be penalised with one mark deduction for each incorrect response, no marks awarded or deducted for unattempted questions. 


35 questions in Section A and 15 questions in Section B each were asked from physics, chemistry, botany and zoology. Candidates had to answer 10 out of the 15 questions in Section B of each subject. 

Diving deeper into the NEET 2021 exam paper, here’s Filo’s section-wise analysis:

NEET 2021 Paper Analysis: Zoology 

Image Credential- brainkart

Most of the questions in the Zoology section were of the moderate difficulty level, testing hours of preparation of candidates. Some twister one really got into the nerves of the aspirants struggling against the time.  

However, more than 80% of the questions were from the NCERTs. So, candidates who had spent hours making notes from the NCERT books would have been able to crack even the twisted ones. 

The Biotechnology section’s domination was evident in the exam paper, featuring more than ten questions. Other areas that puzzled the candidates include Human Physiology and Locomotion. 

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NEET 2021 Paper Analysis: Botony 

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Questions from the Botony section were easy to moderate to attempt, barring a few exceptions that could have tricked the aspirants. More than 90% of the paper was directly from NCERTs.  

The presence of factual questions that candidates could have answered directly would have bought some time to solve the complex numerical questions of physics.  

NEET 2021 Paper Analysis: Chemistry 

Image Credentials- Careers360

The difficulty of the Chemistry section questions was also rated between easy to moderate. Questions were based on facts, figures and tables that one can easily find in NCERT books

However, the presence of a few long statement-based and numerical questions may have irked the candidates. But if you pay close attention to the Chemistry section, then you’ll find that it wasn’t long from any sight. 

NEET 2021 Paper Analysis: Physics 

Image Credentials- Careers360

Now, comes the most challenging part of the NEET 2021 paper – Physics. Questions from topics such as Semiconductors and Photoelectric Effect tricked aspirants into committing mistakes. 

Numerical questions dominated the section, due to which the Physics section became lengthy. About 20 questions from the Electrodynamics topic were asked – the most in the physics section. 

What’s next? 

Done with the NEET 2021 exam analysis? It’s time to start shortlisting medical colleges and institutes in which you aspire to take admissions. Also, keep checking NTA’s official website, which is, to download the solutions to the NEET 2021 paper. Candidates will also be able to register for NEET 2021 counselling after the NTA releases the rankings. Till then, Ciao! 

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