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NEET 2021: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid!

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Over 700K+ candidates appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, NEET exam every year. However, only a handful can qualify for the NEET examination and grab an MBBS/BDS seat in top medical colleges across India. So, what exactly sets a few candidates apart from others? Of course, education material, coaching quality, and schedule play a big role in NEET 2021 preparations. But not many will tell you how your wrong approach can hurt your chances of fitting into the white coat real bad.

More than 16 lakh candidates have already registered for the NEET 2021 exam. This means that you will now have to leave no stone unturned to fulfil your aspirations of becoming a doctor. Dear aspirants, the clock is ticking.

The National Testing Agency is all set to conduct the NEET 2021 exam on September 12, 2021. With less than a month left, it’s high time that candidates should now double down on their NEET preparations, especially focusing on the common mistakes that should be avoided at any cost because it’s now or never.

If you’re planning to get one out of the 54,000 medical seats in India, then you can’t risk anything with your preparations at this crucial juncture. In this article, we’ll be talking about all such errors that can play havoc with your NEET preparations and how you can avoid them with ease.

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1. Mistakes to avoid while selecting books for NEET 2021

Selecting the right set of books for your NEET 2021 preparations is extremely important, and what could be better than NCERTs. Experts and toppers have always reiterated that going through the NCERT books is a must if you’re seriously preparing for one of the most competitive exams in India.

NCERT books for all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology – are a must-read before moving ahead with your preparations. The books not clear the basic concepts but also introduce you to the complex ones.

This might be the reason why experts suggest that NCERTs are the bible to the NEET-UG examination, and studying the books line by line will obviously add to the efforts you’re putting in to clear the exam.

Therefore, it’s often recommended that NEET aspirants should first go through all the NCERT books before heading to other study material.

2. Mistakes to avoid while attempting NEET 2021 mock tests, practicing questions

Candidates often tend to take on NEET mock tests before clearing the basic concepts, especially during the early days of their preparations. Practising NEET questions without learning the concepts by heart can bring your preparations to a head while gripping you with demotivation.

Experts often advise their students that they should only attempt NEET mock tests or start practising questions only after having a clear idea about the topic. You can also follow the strategy of learning one topic and practising questions related to it before jumping on to another subject.

Even precious years’ toppers also recommend revising each subject chapter-wise. The strategy pays more dividends in subjects like Physics, in which NEET candidates need to solve numerical problems. That is only possible if you have a clear understanding of the topics.

3. Mistakes to avoid while making a timetable for NEET 2021

All aspirants must have made their NEET 2021 timetable by now. However, many students are still wondering if their NEET timetable is the ideal one, the one that toppers follow, or not.

Candidates should know how to use the limited time efficiently. So, how does one differentiate a practical timetable from an impractical one? Experts and NEET toppers suggest that a timetable should include a small break after every session of long preparation hours to give your mind a breathing space. The break helps students in refreshing their mind and preparing it for understanding new concepts or for attempting new questions.

Moreover, students should also find time in their timetable for practicing NEET 2021 mock papers along with previous year question papers to prepare for their upcoming exam.

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4. Mistakes to avoid while evaluating coaching scores for NEET 2021

Candidates often spend too much time and energy while reviewing their coaching scores and ranks. Students need to understand that the scores or rankings are limited to the centre and aren’t a complete reflection of their preparation.

Several times students have reported losing confidence or gaining overconfidence with their coaching scores. Both the cases need to be avoided during their NEET 2021 preparations.

5. Mistakes to avoid while attending classes for NEET 2021 preparation

Students taking online classes or physical coaching cannot afford not to ask doubts as soon as they pop into their minds. If not asked at the right time, the doubts became nightmares while attempting mock tests or solving practice questions.

The problem of keeping the doubts inside your brain could negatively impact your exam scores, ruining your dreams of adding a doctor as a prefix to your name. So, no matter how silly your questions may sound, you never stop asking questions from your tutors or any right person who you believe can clear your doubts before your sit for NEET 2021. We have a perfect study buddy for you. Feel FREE to use our Filo app to get instant access to a plethora of exceptional tutors at any time of the day/night. Download the Filo app now using this link!


Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes for NEET 2021 preparations can improve the candidates’ preparation for the medical entrance exam. However, it isn’t easy to do away with such preparation mistakes, as it requires grit, determination, and hard work. Well, that’s all NEET 2021 exam asks for!

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