Keep these 5 things in mind for your KVPY preparation following your KVPY registration

For students who satisfy the necessary KVPY eligibility criteria and are feeling overwhelmed before taking on the course for the KVPY exam (KISHORE VAIGYANIK PROTSAHAN YOJANA FELLOWSHIP AWARD), here is what the top mentors have to say about the exam.

For the majority portion of KVPY Physics, KVPY Chemistry and KVPY Math sections, the syllabus is largely the same as that required for the IIT JEE. The level of questions in the KVPY are under or at most at par with those that students encounter in IIT JEE Mains. And so, continuation of preparation of the IIT JEE exam will suffice for the KVPY exam as well. As such no specialised KVPY books are required and the material for IIT JEE will suffice. Apart from the preparation, the time management aspect for the KVPY exam is as important as required for the IIT JEE exam.

As observed by previous year students, including those who appeared for the KVPY 2020, one of the major problems faced by PCM students appearing for the KVPY is the Biology element of the exam. To tackle the Biology part of the exam, the students should go through or revise the Biology course of Class 9 and 10. The Biology syllabus of classes 9th and 10th will be sufficient to help students crack the Biology part of the exam.

Once after clearing the written exam, the students need to prepare for the KVPY Interview stage. For the KVPY Interview portion, a deep understanding of the subjects is needed. Since the interview portion has distinguished professors, who are checking for your conceptual knowledge that is within the scope of class 12th, you must be calm, composed and clear in presentation and in thought. The students must also show good composure while giving answers or demonstrating solutions, concepts and theories on a whiteboard.

Securing a KVPY fellowship, be it in the KVPY SX, SA, or SB, and becoming a KVPY Scholar gives a student credible reputation when they go further along in their studies like Masters and PhD in the Sciences. The reputation helps well when being considered for roles in STEM.

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