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IPU-CET Preparation Guide: Top Tips, Strategies to Get a College of Your Dreams!

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Have you always aspired to become an engineer but couldn’t make it to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)? You’re probably not alone. And that’s not even a significant setback because, as you know, many Indian entrepreneurs and tech moguls, from Sundar Pichai to Vijay Shekhar Sharma, aren’t IIT graduates. For such students, Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test (IPU-CET) 2022 preparation could be another way to kickstart your engineering journey. 

Cracking the IPU-CET 2022 will get a candidate an engineering seat in one of the many colleges under the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) and other affiliated institutes that accept the exam scores. 

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IPU CET 2022 

GGSIPU will conduct the IPU CET 2022 to provide admissions to thousands of students seeking admissions in disciplines ranging from arts to science. The entrance test for each course is different from the other so that the university can better assess the candidates’ readiness for the programme. 

Lakhs of candidates every year appear for IPU CET, meaning that if you’re planning to bag a seat at an engineering college, then you probably would have to get good scores in the competitive exam. The competition is indeed cut-throat even for IPU CET 2022. 

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To make it easier for you, we’re going to list down a few tips and strategies that can help you ace your preparation game for IPU CET 2022 exam. You can follow the strategies described in the blog, or you could tweak them a bit to make sure that it fits the bill for you.

Top 10 IPU CET 2022 Preparation Strategies 

1. Get Cosy With IPU CET 2022 Syllabus 

First things first. You should start your IPU CET 2022 preparations by religiously grasping the exam syllabus. You ideally should not take a step forward before you completely understand what the exam demands. The good news is that it’s very likely that you would be familiar with most topics, as many questions in your Class 12th exams are directly asked from the selected topics. 

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2. Get the Basics Right 

Once you get the ins and outs of the IPU CET 2022 syllabus, then you can start preparing for IPU CET 2022 exam topics one at a time to get a clear understanding of basic concepts. This is a crucial step before you move on to attempting mock questions or full-length papers. 

3. Make Your Own Notes 

While preparing for particular topics, you should make your own notes that are easier to grasp during the last few days before IPU CET 2022. Making your own notes will also help you remember the topics for a longer period of time than studying from notes made by others. It’s your call.

4. Make Time For Revision 

One of the best preparation tactics for any exam is to revise the topic that you study daily and weekly. This will help in getting a good grasp of subjects. You can, of course, give more time to topics that you feel are playing havoc with your memory. 

5. Take Appropriate Breaks 

Another secret sauce to cracking a competitive exam is to take appropriate breaks as you study with full might. Groove to your favourite music for a few minutes, or take a decent stroll in between of your preparations hours to give your mind a quick pause so that it can grasp concepts better and faster.  

6. Make a Timetable 

One of the best habits of toppers is that they prepare a timetable to priorities their preparations over anything else. You can also make a complete timetable for your IPU CET 2022 preparations to ace the exam. You can try to give more time to weaker sections in your schedule to avoid missing out on anything. 

7. Minimise Distractions 

During your preparation days, your focus should be on only one thing: crack the IPU CET 2022 exam. For that, you’ll need to block all the distracting things from your life. From mobile games to addictive social media platforms, you’ll have to give up all during your preparation days. Any slight interruption during the study could cost you hours – one thing you can’t afford at any cost.

8. Devise Your Own Learning Method

You can use your own learning method while preparing for the IPU CET 2022. From pictorial learning method to creating trees in your head, you can use whatever method you find suitable. Moreover, you can decide when to attempt a mock test and revise the topics again. The choice is yours, and we know that you’ll make the right decision. 

9. Avoid Silly Mistakes 

In any case, don’t make any silly mistakes while writing the IPU CET 2022 exams. You’ll need to focus on each and every question in the paper carefully. Also, give special attention to numerical questions that can be tricky at times. Moreover, always keep a keen tab of time while writing the paper. 

10. Take Care of Your Health 

You can’t miss getting sick during preparation days because each and every second is important for you. You won’t like to waste your precious time sleeping hours and hours in bed. And for that, sleeping a good seven to eight hours every night is really important for your health and IPU CET 2022 preparations.  

IPU CET 2022 Books To Refer 

IPU CET 2022 Physics Books 

  • Physics volume 1 and volume 2 by Resnick/Halliday
  • 11th and 12th NCERT Books 
  • Objective Physics by Pradeep
  • A concept of Physics by HC Verma

IPU CET 2022 Chemistry Books 

  • Organic Chemistry by Robert Thornton Morrison
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
  • 11th and 12th NCERT Books 
  • Objective Chemistry by Pradeep

IPU CET 2022 Mathematics Books 

  • Mathematics by RD Sharma- class 11th and 12th
  • Objective books by RD Sharma
  • 11th and 12th NCERT Books 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: When GGSIPU will conduct IPU CET 2022? 

Answer: GGSIPU is expected to conduct the IPU CET 2021 exam in May 2022. You can follow the official GGSIPU to catch up with the latest advancements related to the entrance exam.  

Question: Which colleges accept IPU CET scores? 

Answer: Currently, about 118 colleges – 83 self-financed and 35 government-run- are affiliated with the GGSIPU. You can check the list of colleges accepting IPU CET scores here

Question: How difficult is IPU CET?

Answer: Compared to other competitive exams such as JEE Main and Advanced, the IPU CET is comparatively more straightforward. Most questions in the exam are based on NCERT books. 

Question. When will GGSIPU release IPU CET 2022 notification?

Answer: GGSIPU is expected to release the IPU CET 2021 notification in the coming months. 

Question: How can I apply for the IPU CET 2022 exam? 

Answer: Candidates will be able to apply for the IPU CET 2021 exam online once the admission process opens.

Final Words!

By now, you know the best practices and strategies to level up your preparation game for IPU CET 2022. With barely a few months left for the showdown, it’s high time that you double down on your IPU CET 2022 preparations. Remember, yous should always believe in yourself, no matter how rough the preparation days pass by. There’s a bright future awaiting you on the other side. Cya! 

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