How to prepare for the CBSE Board exams?

The Board exams are right around the corner and your preparation in the coming few weeks will play a huge role in your performance in the exams. Let’s have a look at these suggestions about preparing the right way for the CBSE Board Exams 2020.

1. Create a balanced schedule and stick to it - Ahead of beginning the core preparation for the CBSE Board Exams 2020, one must create a schedule as unstructured preparation is bound to create gaps in the syllabus you will have covered. Many students create schedules that give each subject a large window, like 15 consecutive days or even a month, DO NOT do that. The problem that it creates is that once you reach halfway through this schedule, you will have likely forgotten the things you learned in the beginning. Create a balanced schedule. Dedicate each day to at least two subjects.

2. Importance of NCERT material - For the CBSE Board Exams, NCERT books and material has always been of paramount importance. Ideally, a student should be well versed with everything that is written in a subject’s NCERT book, including the examples, questions and exercises. The bulk of a typical CBSE Board Exam will be based on the examples and questions featured in the NCERT books.

3. For English and Hindi - For subjects of English and Hindi, don’t leave them for the end, which most students do. Leaving it for the last week makes it tedious. Start at least 3 months before or include them regularly in your study schedule. Focus on building your vocabulary. The vocabulary building exercise will help you sharpen your communication skills that find use in other aspects of life as well. Of course, don’t try and go into the Shashi Tharoor mode but try and bring flair in what you write.

4. Self-study - The time spent in school and coaching is mandatory but actual effective learning happens when one does self-study. Performance in exams such as the Boards and even competitive ones is a function of self-study. In self-study, there are definitely going to be roadblocks. This is where Filo comes to your rescue, it facilitates effective learning by connecting you with the top minds from IITs and Medical Colleges over video call, the instant you encounter something that hinders your progress. Filo Gurus are available round the clock to help quell all your doubts and queries. So, don't stress about the Boards, download Filo and let Filo Specialists help you out with whatever your learning needs. Download Filo Now