How to Prepare for IIT JEE Physics

JEE Physics will take a huge part in scoring well overall in the IIT JEE exam.
● Firstly, students need to focus on getting their basics strong. If you are in Class 11 then try and get the concepts of the following areas strong right in the beginning - Kinematics, Basic Mechanics, Trigonometry, and Error Measurement.
● Based on the physics taught in classes 8th, 9th, and 10th, the students wanting to score well in Physics in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced, should brush up well on the topics they learned in those classes. Try and brush up on the topics of - Newton’s Laws, Work and Energy, Motion and Electricity, and Electrostatics.
● To round off the preparation of such topics, one must try and complete the exercises in HC Verma on their own. Alongside HC Verma, one can try the exercises and chapters from DC Pandey Physics for JEE and DC Pandey Objective Physics for JEE.

For the first year of your preparation, most of the syllabus for IIT JEE Physics would revolve around mechanics and kinematics. Mechanics is considered one of the high scoring areas in the exam.

The rest of the part of the year would be concerned with Thermodynamics. Thermo also gets easy questions but they can be tricky and so the concepts should be clear.

The tough part of the year would most likely be Circular Motion and Rigid Body Dynamics. For these topics, one would require an intense focus on clearing concepts so that they can be used in tough questions with ease and without any confusion. The topics of Fluid Mechanics and Gravitation are not as tough as Circular Motion and as such can be dealt with with comparative ease.

For the second year of the preparation for JEE Main Physics and JEE Advanced Physics, one will encounter the topics of - Optics, Electromagnetism, Current and Electricity, Electronics and Modern Physics.

For the Electronics part, one needs to just be attentive to what is being told in these chapters about semiconductors and such. Intense preparation is not necessary, basic coverage of the NCERT material should be enough for this topic for JEE Mains.

In terms of preparation for Optics, one needs to have clarity of imagination as it will come in handy a lot in this topic. The questions from Optics can be tricky and so conceptual knowledge and imagination are key to solve them quickly.

One of the most important topics for JEE Physics is Electromagnetism. The topic has a huge number of concepts and formulas. Without conceptual clarity, the topic will be hard to tackle.

Additional Point - Solving questions from books like Krotov and IE Irodov for JEE Physics is not at all necessary. Most of the problems in these books lie outside the area of JEE Mains and as such are not necessary if one has a shortage of time. Try these only if you have a lot of time on your hands.