How to Prepare for IIT JEE Chemistry

Chemistry is arguably the most scoring subject in IIT JEE out of all the three subjects. There is a likelihood that students can score 100% in Chemistry if their conceptual grasp is strong. JEE’s easy questions are found in the Chemistry sections, some reckon.

These steps might help students in their preparation for IIT JEE Chemistry -

Step 1 – Physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry are all important
Students must try and give the three aspects of IIT JEE Chemistry equal importance. The three parts, namely Physical, Organic, and Inorganic are all connected. A strong in all parts helps students score highly in both IIT JEE MAIN Chemistry and IIT JEE Advanced Chemistry.
I would suggest that students start their preparation with Physical Chemistry and then move to the Inorganic and Organic sections.

Step 2 – The Periodic Table is one of the most valuable resources in Chemistry
Students must remember the most critical parts of the periodic table. They should ideally be able to recite the whole of it. Try and keep a large-format Periodic Table in your vicinity as it will brush up your knowledge of the Periodic Table the elements.

Step 3 – Focus on Reaction Mechanisms
Trying to rote learn reactions is not a great idea, instead, students must focus on understanding reaction mechanisms. Especially when studying Organic Chemistry, try and grasp the mechanisms of the reactions and the behavior of compound families.

Step 4 – Be cognisant of formulas in Physical Chemistry
Students should always be sure of the formulas, especially in Physical Chemistry. Memorize the formulas and models in chemical radioactivity, bonding, chemical equilibrium, and kinetics. Try and solve a lot of problems in Physical Chemistry. Try problems from Numerical Chemistry by P Bahadur.

Step 5 – Pay extra attention to Periodic Table’s d,f-blocks, and coordination compounds
Inorganic Chemistry JEE easy questions tend to be posed from the Periodic Table’s p and s block elements, while students would like to pay special attention to coordination compounds and elements from the d-block.

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