How to get under 1000 rank in JEE 2021 in two months

There are millions of applicants that are set to appear in the JEE 2021 and when there are around two months of time left to prepare for it, students need to take things seriously. Here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind if you want to crack into the top-1000 in JEE 2021 in under two months -

JEE 2021’s syllabus is and most students have low retention for that vast a syllabus. Most students face difficulties in the coverage of topics and that makes their preparation hard. What they can look to do is to revise 10 topics a day, every day. This way they can go through the entire syllabus cyclically and keep their retention high and fresh. In the crunch times, like two months ahead of the exam, students need to cover multiple topics, and while doing that they forget the concepts from the topics studied in the distant past. To find a balance between studying crunch topics and revision, students must dedicate 6 hours to studying new topics while dedicating another 6 to revise old ones. They should break the chapters and bigger topics into smaller pieces. The cyclical way of revision and studying will help them, as it will force every topic in the syllabus to go through your brain every two weeks.

The distribution can lead to something like this - Each week consisting of 20 topics and the same for the next week. Each day can encompass 3 topics from a subject. The entire length of the syllabus will be revised cyclically this way.

Another important facet to consider while preparing in the last few days is that students must keep giving tests alongside the quick revision. Tests will give the students an opportunity to face a wide and different variety of questions.

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