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How to apply for TOEFL (TOEFL Registration Guide)

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TOEFL is an English proficiency test used to assess your ability and understanding of the English language at the university level. TOEFL has now become the worldwide standard of testing the English proficiency of a candidate. That is why candidates have taken the TOEFL exam over 35 million times 🙂

How to Register for the TOEFL iBT Test ?

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TOEFL tests are administered up to 6 days a week around the world at authorized test centres or at home, giving the students plenty of time & options.  

  •   Pick a test date that’s at least 2 to 3 months before your earliest deadline.
  •   Register approximately 4 months before your desired test date.

Note: Walk-in registration at test centers is not permitted.

Before the exact registration, the students must be having the following Document requirements ready – 

  •  An original ID document; photocopied documents are not acceptable (documents cannot be presented on a mobile phone or any other electronic device)
  • A government-issued national/state/province identity card that is issued and recognized by the country where you are a citizen (i.e – Aadhar,Pan Card in India)
  • be valid; expired documents are not acceptable
  • Your full name exactly matching the name you used to register, 
  • A recent, recognizable photograph
  •  The Signature (the name on the ID and the signature name must match)

(Note: If your ID document is not written in English-language letters and the test centre administrator cannot read it, you may not be able to take the test, and your test fee will not be refunded)

Unacceptable ID Documents :

  1. International driver’s license
  2. Draft classification card
  3. International student ID
  4. Credit/debit card of any kind
  5. Notary-prepared letter or document
  6. Birth certificate
  7. Social Security card
  8. Employee ID card
  9. Any temporary ID card
  10. Diplomatic, consulate or embassy ID card

If You are 15 years of age or Younger for TOEFL

If the test taker is 15 or younger, we suggest that you must be accompanied by a parent or other authorized adult age 18 or older, who will be required to complete and sign a release form available at the test centre.

The authorized person & the rest taker must present a valid, acceptable ID, or you will not be able to take the test. If they are  unable to meet the ID requirements, they should contact the “Office of Testing Integrity”

Methods to register for TOEFL Tests

ETS has provided alternative methods of registering for the TOEFL exam that are as accessible and inclusive as possible. Test takers can register for their TOEFL tests via the following methods. 

  • Registration using ETS account
  • Registration by mail
  • In person Registration
  • Registration by phone 
  1. Registration using ETS  Account –  Registration using your ETS account is the fastest, easiest and the most convenient way to register. We can check the rest centres through Google Maps and avail this service 24*7* 365 days. 
  • Create Your Account — Input all the information exactly as it appears on your ID, create your username & password then submit.
  • Select a Testing Method — Choose from the TOEFL iBT test, as per your requirement.
  • Select a Location, Date and Time — Select a test date to see available test locations, then choose the time that works for you.
  • Complete Your Registration — Finish the remaining steps, choose your score recipients, purchase test prep and pay for your test. 
  1. Registration my mail – Candidates are supposed to download and print the TOEFL registration form and fill in the details. The candidates must make sure that “the name in the identity card and name in the form is SAME”. Forms must be received at least four weeks before your test date. After the form with the TOEFL registration fee to the nearest Regional Registration Centre, for instance for Delhi it’s – Prometric, 2 Floor, DLF Infinity Tower-A,Sector-25, Phase-II,DLF City,Gurgaon – 122002,Haryana
  1. In person Registration – Who are living in and around Delhi NCR can register at the above mentioned  Regional Registration Office. 
  1. Registration by phone – Candidates registering over the phone are required to go through the registration form before they call. Spell their name correctly and exactly as it appears on the identification document . Call the Regional Registration Center on this number – 91-124-4147700 and pay with credit/debit cards as directed. Normal registration closes seven days before the test date, after which a late fee would be levied.

Test Locations and Dates

New Delhi: India likely to have its own TOEFL for foreign students


Educational Testing Service (ETS) mentions “Feeling safe and comfortable during testing is important and contributes to your success”

You can choose where and when you want to take your test.

(NOTE : Once you select a test, you will have 20 minutes to complete your registration) 

  1. Test at Test Centres

The TOEFL iBT test is offered more than 60 times a year at authorized test centers around the world. The following test centres conduct tests in and around Delhi NCR.

  •  NIMT INFORMATION CENTRE,F3, Csc2, Dda Market, G Block, Preet Vihar
  •  MERIT ,A-9, U.s.o Road, Qutab Institutional Area, Shaheed Jit Sing Marg
  1. Test on Paper

The Paper Edition is currently offered once or twice a month at authorized test centers in Colombia, India, Mexico and the United States. You’ll need to register for 2 appointments, one at your local test center and the other at home (WIth proper Equipment & Environment requirements)

  1. Test at Home (WIth proper Equipment & Environment requirements)

Home Edition testing is available 24 hours a day, 4 days a week, with appointments available as early as 24 hours after you register. It’s available worldwide, except in Iran.

Equipment and Environment Requirements for At Home Testing 

The test taker must verify that his/her computer and testing room meet the following requirements before they register for the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. If they don’t meet these requirements on test day, they won’t be able to test, and won’t receive a refund or a free reschedule.


Usage of Desktops and Laptops are allowed, not Mobiles Phones or Tablets

PC: Windows Operating System – Versions 10 or 8

MAC: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (10.13 High Sierra is recommended) 

  • Download and Install the ETS Secure Test Browser on the computer you’ll use to test. To fully install the browser, RUN the file after downloading it. You can close the browser once you see the following message: “Success! You have installed the ETS secure test browser.
  • Run the ProctorU Equipment Check from the computer you’ll use to test. If you fail the equipment check, you must fix any issues before test day. Live ProctorU representatives are available to help.

{ NOTE : Computer firewalls and security applications can interfere with the test delivery software. If you experience this issue, you may need to disable or reconfigure your applications prior to the test }


  • Use an internal or external speaker to hear the proctor. Headsets/Earphones are not allowed.
  • Use an internal or external microphone that isn’t part of a headset to communicate with the proctor.


  • Can be a built-in camera in the computer or a separate webcam.
  • Camera must be able to be moved to show the proctor a 360-degree view of the room, including your tabletop surface, before the test.

Environment & Testing Space


You must be alone in a room with no one else entering during the test, close the door of the room before starting the test

You can’t take the test in a public space such as a park, internet cafe or restaurant.


  • Food and drink aren’t allowed during the test
  • Your computer and keyboard must be on a desk or other tabletop surface 
  • Position your table and chair so the door to the room will be visible to the proctor. The proctor may require you to do this at check in anytime during the test.
  • You must sit in a standard chair; you can’t sit or lie on a bed, couch or overstuffed chair.


  • Dress appropriately for your test. You’ll be monitored via camera by the proctor, and your photo will be shared with institutions that receive your scores
  • You must remove all headphones, smartwatches, face masks, jewelry, tie clips, cufflinks, ornate clips etc. (No need to remove your Wedding/Engagement Rings)


  1.   You may not take notes on regular paper, for security purposes
  2.   You may use 1 of the following to take notes:
  • 1 small desktop whiteboard with erasable marker, no pencil or pen
  • 1 sheet of paper inside a transparent sheet protector, with erasable marker. [ At the end of the test, you’ll need to show the proctor that all notes have been erased ]

The desired test takers must make sure that they have read all the above-mentioned instructions, the DO’s & the DON’Ts. Always remember to be ready with the required documents and equipment while giving the exam. We hope  that the information provided in this Blog was sufficient and beneficial for the TOEFL Registration Process. For further understanding or any queries you can visit the Official ETS Website (ETS Home) .

                                      GOOD LUCK 🙂 

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