Here are the 5 tips that will help students prepare for the JEE Mains

After successfully going through the process of JEE Main registration, students need to prepare themselves for the upcoming edition of the IIT JEE.

One thing students must ensure is that they have gone through the jee main previous year question paper, the jee mains 2019 question paper, this will help the students gain perspective about the areas from which questions came up in the exam last time. It also helps to get familiar with the pattern of the question paper by going through previous year question papers multiple times.

It is important to be in the know-how of solving questions from class 11. Students must be keeping in practise with concepts studied in the past. The key for students is that they need to revise concepts and old chapters by repeat readings, and solving some specific set of problems from time to time.

Students should concentrate on subjects and chapters they are confident about. Since each student has their own strength areas, they should try to do maximum questions from these chapters and make it stronger and score the most off of these areas. The basic idea behind this is that the students should not lose any marks in questions from these areas.

Students need to sleep well during this period and take adequate care of their health. Consume healthy food (try and avoid packed or fast food outside) as you need to be vary of catching sickness during the preparation period. you don't need any sickness during this period and relax.

Studying excessively long hours is not necessary for the perfect preparation. Sit according to the number of hours you can give effective attention and take small breaks in between. Try not to worry too much about not being able to stick to a tight schedule, in those moments don't lose hope and start afresh.