Five Ways on How To Manage Time While Writing The CBSE Board Exams

One of the major proble for students appearing for the CBSE Boards exam is time management. The consequences for not managing time efficiently can be dire for students. For most of the theory papers the duration is three hours and one needs to have a strategy for finishing the paper as well as revising the entire answer script.

Every student has their own method and approach by these are some of the tips that have worked well for high-performing students. The importance of time management is paramount. These are the five tricks for time management for students, or lets say time management techniques.

1. Having done sufficient amount of practise papers - Students need to solve enough practise or training papers similar to the actual CBSE exams that too in exam environments, like setting a clock for three hours and not having breaks. The activity is helpful for understanding the exam pattern and also getting used to solving 30-40 questions in one go without any large breaks.

2. Going through the paper, identity level of questions - The exam organisers give 15 minutes for students to go through the exam papers. Students must use this time to organise the paper into level of questions - easy, medium and hard. This will help you approach the question paper in an orderly manner.

3. Identifying the easy questions - Although answering the exam in an ordered manner is suggested but it is not mandatory. Getting the easy questions out of the way as it takes lesser time. This also gives you enough confidence before moving into the harder parts of the paper.

4. Allocate time wisely - Students must know how to manage time for study and how much time to allocate to questions. The ratio in these papers is usually 1.5 minute per mark and so one can allocate about three minute to a two mark question and nine minutes to a 6-mark question. Allocation also gives the students the space to figure out how much time would be required to tackle the hard questions and the time that might be left after completing different portions of the exam.

5. Always know how much time is left - Students must always know how much time is left after starting the exam. Students are allowed to carry wristwatches so that they can check the time at regular intervals.

Bonus Tip - Always adhere to the word limit.