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PAT Exams

PAT Exam: Find Out the Best Tutors for Acing Your Exam in 2022!

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The PAT is designed for students who have passed the first year of A-level Math and Physics and contains material equivalent to that taught in the GCSE and A-level coursework.

Everybody who qualifies to Oxford to study physics or physics and philosophy needs to take the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT). It is a two-hour test that assesses a student’s abilities in both physics and arithmetic, and it is not for the faint of heart.

This article will take you through the greatest online platforms as well as tutors for PAT preparation, which will be able to guide you in the best way possible! 

1. MyTutor

Find your ideal University PAT tutor, schedule a free video session, and then book one-on-one online lessons that match your schedule.

They have a professional tutor-matching staff that can match your potential with the best instructor for their needs – from topic and level to exam board and personality fit. They are always there to listen, respond to questions, and provide you with the personalised assistance you require.

2. PMT

Their two-day courses offer all of the knowledge and abilities required for students to thrive on the PAT 2021 test. Before applying the information to test questions, the tutors will walk pupils through areas that have not been presented in school.

During past paper practice, tips on how to answer questions in the shortest amount of time will be provided. In addition, the session will look at alternative techniques to answering problems and present solutions for students to employ if they feel stuck. On Day 1, physics is taught, and on Day 2, math concepts are presented.

Görkem, their expert instructor, has over ten years of experience preparing pupils for PAT tests. His approachable teaching style ensures that even the most difficult topics are easily learned. 

3. TutorChase

They offer PAT preparation for those interested in studying Physics, Engineering, or Materials Science at Oxford University. All instructors are Oxford Degree holders with a proven track record of educating students for the PAT.

They provide a completely customizable and comprehensive PAT tuition program for £79/hour.

Tutors are all alumni or current students from prestigious institutions in the United Kingdom and the United States, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Stanford. They have each tutored students in their respective courses and have been personally picked to be a member of their tuition team.

Furthermore, with a team of over 400 instructors, we are able to give instruction on all topics. Their classes are more successful than in-person tuition since they use Lessonspace, the top online tutoring software.

All the instructors are uniquely qualified to assist candidates since they have gone through the university application process. All tutors have assisted students in achieving high marks and admission to their first-choice institutions and universities.

4. Filo App

Filo is a buddy who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for assistance with Mathematics or any other topic. Filo’s unique selling point is that it instantly links students to an AP professional coach.

Filo is still relatively young, yet its huge success has resulted in more than 10,000 teachers being available to pupils. Filo offers a suite of services that pupils may use to excel in school and pass numerous admission examinations to prestigious institutions.

Some of these services include video solutions, numerical solutions, exam preparations, concept discussion, doubt sessions, homework assistance, counseling mentoring, revision, and much more.

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How is the Oxford PAT graded?

The exam does not have a passing mark, but there is a threshold mark below which candidates will not be placed on the interview short list. This grade will not be set until the test results are available.

How should you prepare for the PAT test?

Practicing prior year papers can help you become acquainted with the format of the test as well as the subject presented.
Familiarizing oneself with the curriculum will be quite beneficial. The course is designed for AS level math and physics, as well as mastery of GCSE content.
Begin by answering non-A level physics problems. It is also a good idea to ask questions from a variety of sources.
Students should also be aware that the test is difficult and that they have only two hours to complete the questions. As a result, answering certain questions under timed settings close the exam date indicates that you are likely to complete the test on time.

How difficult is the physics aptitude test?

The test is regarded as one of the most challenging available. As a result, aspiring physicists face a significant hurdle.

How is shortlisting done for the PAT exam?

A1. The PAT is a qualifying stage that Oxford utilizes as a nominating procedure to reduce the number of applicants from about 1828 (in 2019) to 500. 
Students are encouraged to think of the interviews as a mini-lecture on their chosen topic. It takes about 20 minutes on average; shortlisted students will have at least two screenings, with two distinct sets of interviewers, in multiple colleges.

Is there an application fee for the PAT exam?

The University of Oxford does not levy any fees. However, if you take the exam in an independent facility, the cost may differ from one location to the next.

Last but not least!

Last but not least, exams might be a terrific chance for diligent high school pupils with free time. CLICK HERE to learn more about PAT Exam, including the new pattern, FAQs, and much more!

Furthermore, Filo has over 10,000 experts at your disposal to assist you sail through the AP Exam 2022 with ease. CLICK HERE to get the Filo app and take another step in realizing your ambitions!

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