Eight steps on how to prepare for IIT JEE Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the most important parts of both IIT JEE Mains and Advanced. To gain expertise in the subject one can try these steps in terms of preparation for the JEE Maths -

- Begin with the NCERT textbook - as this will help you build a base that is solid and will lay a foundation to tackle the harder questions that students will encounter in the exam.

- RD Sharma is also a good option to increase the level of questions.

- After having tackled questions from NCERT and RD Sharma, try the questions from previous year papers.

- The previous years' question papers would give you an idea of the level of questions you can expect from the IIT JEE. Apart from that one can try CENGAGE Mathematics for JEE MAINS to get questions that are similar to the level that appears in the Mains as well as the JEE Advanced Maths.

- Get extremely familiar with the model of questions based on the books and the previous years' questions.

- Try and solve other people’s doubts and concepts as it would help you achieve clarity in those areas.

- Books like ML Khanna IIT Mathematics and Arihant JEE Mains Maths are also good to serve as question banks after you have gained sufficient clarity and confidence in the areas of the Mathematics syllabus.

- Students can achieve speed in solving questions only after they have tackled the majority of the model of questions that can come up from each concept/area. Hence, extensive practice is essential to crack IIT JEE Mathematics.

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