10 Top Tutors For JEECUP: Qualify The State-Level Exam With The Best Teachers Online!

10 Top Tutors for JEECUP: Qualify the State-Level Exam With the Best Teachers Online!

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Like every other competitive exam, Joint Entrance Examination Council (Polytechnic), Uttar Pradesh (JEECUP) requires preparation by the candidate, and this can be made simpler with the help of a top tutor. A top tutor grooms the student bagging top rank and achieving great scores in the exams. It is quite difficult to find a good tutor. Sometimes, we ask our neighbour or even relative for a trusted tutor’s contact details for exam preparation. While the other times, we attend countless demo classes in search of a tutor who can make every concept easier and simpler for you.

Top Tutors for JEECUP
Top Tutors for JEECUP/ Image Credits – Pixabay

We are here to do this job for you as we bring top tutors for JEECUP focusing on different subjects of the exam. We found these tutors who hold mastery in their subjects and will help you crack JEECUP.

Here we bring a list of top tutors for JEECUP curated for you:

1. Rohit Kumar

Subject/ area of expertise: Mathematics/ Trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics

Mode of Tutoring: Online

Year/s of experience: 3 years (both online and offline)

One of the top tutors for JEECUP, Rohit, has graduated in mechanical engineering. He has been teaching online and offline for the board and various engineering entrance exams for the past three years.

Filo has provided a platform for tutors to explore themselves in the field of teaching and help millions of students in their success’s journey,” says Rohit.

Did you know that you can connect with Rohit, all you have to do is simply Download the Filo app.

2. Pinkey Singh

Subject/ area of expertise: Biology/ Zoology, Botany

Mode of Tutoring: Online

Year/s of experience: Over one year

Pinkey has graduated in Biological Sciences and completed her masters in Life Science. She has secured AIR 179 in CSIR-UGC NET JRF and AIR 1009 in GATE Biological Sciences.

Filo is a great platform. It has given me an opportunity to reach hundreds of students. Filo is an idea of live online teaching, giving access to education at your doorstep, beating all odds. I thank Filo for choosing me,” says Pinkey.

If you want to connect with this tutor, you can download Filo app.

3. OM Haritha

Subject/ area of expertise: Mathematics

Mode of Tutoring: Online

Year/s of experience: Less than one year

OM Haritha has completed M.Sc. Mathematics from University of Hyderabad (2019-2021), B.Sc. from Rayalaseema University, cracked IIT JAM with AIR 1200. Also, he has an interest in sport and played ball badminton at All India level.

Om Haritha shares how students appreciate his teaching style. “Student took many trial classes from various teachers, but none of them could make him understand“. The student said, “You are really good and I understand with clarity,” says Om Haritha reminiscing about a conversation with a student.

Filo is quite interesting because there are many kinds of students. We can interact with them to see their subject knowledge. I am very happy to be a part of Filo. I appreciate the thought of Filo,” says Om Haritha.

Download the Filo app to connect with OM Haritha, one of the top tutors for JEECUP.

4. Sunil Kumar

Subject/ area of expertise: Mathematics

Mode of Tutoring: Online

Year/s of experience: 5 years

Sunil, a graduate of Delhi Technological University in B.Tech (engineering physics), is one of the top tutors for JEECUP. He has cracked JEE Main and Advanced exams. He has experience working at IIT square, Rao IIT Academy, and the Evelyn Learnings system – another reason why he’s one of the best tutors for IIT JEE Mains.

Currently, I am working at Filo as a math tutor, and I can say that this is one of the best platforms where you can ask the doubts and lectures any time by any of your favourite tutors. You can even choose the best or your favourite tutor from thousands of them,” says Sunil.

If you want to connect with Sunil, you can simply download the Filo app.

5. Chandrabhan

Subject of expertise: Mathematics

Mode of Tutoring: Online

Year/s of experience: 3 years

Chandrabhan completed his graduation from NIT Allahabad. He has been tutoring students at Filo and is considered to be one of the top tutors for NDA.

Did you know that you can connect with Chandrabhan, then download Filo.

6. Clifin Francis

Subject of expertise: Mathematics

Mode of Tutoring: Online and Offline

Year/s of experience: 5 years

One of the top JEECUP tutors, Clifin completed his graduation in B. Tech from Modern Engineering College, Cochin in 2011. He has worked as a software engineer at TATA Consultancy services for three years. Since then, he has been tutoring students for various competitive exams, including NDA. Currently, he is tutoring at Brigadiers Academy.

7. Jyoti Malik

Subject of expertise: Mathematics

Mode of Tutoring: Online

Year/s of experience: 5 years

After gaining an M. Tech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Jyoti worked as a tutor at Resonance Kota. Now, she is teaching mathematics for NDA and other entrance exams. She says, “I am a teacher by choice who loves to teach and develop an interest in students for learning new things. I teach students one to one as well as in groups.”

8. SK Sujauddin

Subject of expertise: Chemistry

Mode of Tutoring: Online and Offline

Year/s of experience: 4 years

He completed his graduation and post-graduation from the University of Calcutta and the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, respectively. He is currently pursuing his PhD and tutoring students for competitive exams simultaneously, making him one of the top tutors for JEECUP.

9. Dewansh Diwan

Subject of expertise: Chemistry

Mode of Tutoring: Online and Offline

Years of experience: 6 years

With over six years of experience, Dewansh is one of the top tutors for JEECUP preparation. He has completed a post-graduation in Polymer and Rubber Technology from IIT Kharagpur. He can also help prepare students for other competitive exams, including IIT JEE (both main and advanced).

10. Tanmay Roy

Subject of expertise: Mathematics and Science

Mode of Tutoring: Online

Years of experience: 7 years

Tanmay holds a masters degree in Mathematics from the University of Delhi. He presently resides in Mumbai and provides only online tuitions. Roy is among one of the top tutors for CBSE Boards.

Preparation Tips for JEECUP

We are sharing some preparation tips for you to get high scores in JEECUP. Hope you will find these helpful.

  • It is important to clear your basic concepts. Memorising the formulas will come in handy in the exam.You can take the help of top tutors for JEECUP we mentioned above.
  • Candidates must begin their preparation well before the exam. They must plan out how they will be covering the syllabus and must strictly follow it.
  • You can start doing mock papers in the fixed time to practice time management. You must aim to improve from your last mock test and attempt as many questions as possible correctly.
  • If you find any question time consuming, we would suggest you attempt that question later.

Frequently Asked Question

Image Credits – Pixabay

Would a mathematics tutor be able to clear my doubts during an online class?

Yes, Mathematics tutors can use whiteboards or even share their screen with you to explain the solutions to complex questions. Top tutors for JEECUP can help you prepare for the exam.

Can I take a free demo class from a tutor online?

Yes, you can request the tutor for a free demo class.

How can the tutor help me prepare for the JEECUP exam?

Top tutors for JEECUP can help you clear your basic concepts and teach you some tricks to manage time in the exam. They can also help you in breaking down the syllabus.

What is the duration of tuition classes taken by JEECUP tutors?

Usually, JEECUP tutors conduct a session for 1 to 2 hours a day. But you can always discuss with the tutors and make the arrangements best suited for you and the tutor.

What is the tuition fee charged by JEECUP tutors?

There are no fixed charges. Tuition fees depend on a number of factors like tutoring hours, tutoring experience and qualifications.

Summing up!

The syllabus for JEECUP comprises the state board syllabus for class 10th and Higher Senior Secondary & Senior Secondary (Class 11th and 12th). With such a vast syllabus, it will be beneficial to take tuitions from the cover of the syllabus and top tutors mentioned above. We would also suggest you start your preparation for JEECUP as early as possible. These tutors can help you cover the syllabus to skip the last-minute struggle.

As you prepare for the JEECUP, we wish you the best for the same 🙂

Senior Content Curator at Filo!

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