10 tips for tackling Boards Physics/Class 12th Physics

Experts believe that to tackle the Class 12th Physics exam effectively one must have a grasp on concepts and that thorough reading of the paper always helps towards minimization of errors and the dropping of questions.

1. When facing the exam, firstly, make the best possible use of the 15 minutes of reading time allotted at the start of the exam session.

2. To succeed, one must have a thorough grasp of the NCERT. The CBSE Physics Board exam depends critically on whether you have read the NCERT material from cover to cover. The reading will help you tackle the VSA and the 5 fill in blank questions easily. The board suggested marking scheme is totally dependent on the NCERT.

3. Students should practice MCQ questions from both the NCERT as well as the NCERT Exemplar Class 12th Physics. The exam will feature 10 MCQs and students must get in touch with these kinds of questions beforehand, and one could also try questions from HC Verma Class 12th.

4. Students should be well-versed with the formulae in each chapter and give themselves regular practice related to the formulae-based questions. Try to avoid common mistakes in formulae-based questions.

5. Students should also be thorough with the diagrams and labeling from the NCERT material. This will help them with the diagram-based questions in the exam.

6. Students should go through the ‘Model Answer Copy’ for the last year’s exam that has been made available by the CBSE on their website. This will help them get a clear understanding of how to convey their answers in a crisp and concise way.

7. One should focus on having all definitions, derivations, and inferences on their fingertips for the reasoning-based part of the question paper.

8. If students strike out a certain question and give it a second go in the paper, then they must clearly strike out their previous attempt. If this is not taken care of then CBSE states that examiners should mark the student based on their first attempt.

9. When answering long answer questions, students should try and abstain from answering in paragraphs. Examiners prefer answers that are written in a pointwise format, this highlights structure.

10. Physics CBSE is all about concepts fitting in the real world. So, whenever students study any concept, they should give some time to think up what the implications would mean in the real world, and what applications of the concept could exist in the real world.