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How do Organisms Reproduce?

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What are the different methods of contraception?

  • Any approach used to prevent the conception of unwanted pregnancy refers to contraception. Major contraceptive methods are categorized as barrier methods, surgical and chemical methods. 
  • Barrier methods are the physical devices that prevent contraception by inhibiting the entry of sperms in the female genital tract. Example: condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, etc. 
  • Surgical methods include vasectomy (blocks vas deferens to prevent sperms from coming out) and tubectomy (blocks fallopian tubes to prevent the entry of eggs in it) in males and females respectively. 
  • Chemical methods of contraception include any hormonal preparation that serves to alter the hormonal balance of the body to prevent egg maturation or fertilization. For example, oral and vaginal pills. 
  • Other methods include intrauterine devices (inserted by a physician into the uterus to prevent implantation), medical termination of pregnancy, coitus interruptus, etc. 
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