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Diversity in the Living World

Biological Classification

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Read the following statements regarding methanogens and select the correct option.
(i) They are included in the group Archaebacteria.
(ii) They are responsible for the production of biogas in gobar gas plants.
(iii) They live in hot sulphur springs.
(iv) They are strictly anaerobic.

  1. Statement(i) and (ii) are correct.
  2. Statements (i),(ii) and (iv) are correct
  3. Statements (ii),(iii) and (iv) are correct.
  4. All statements are correct.
Solution: Answer: BSolution: Methanogens are a type of archaebactiera whicha re strict anaerobes. Nutritionally they are autotrophs which obtain both energy and carbon from decomposition products. They occur in marshy areas where they convert formic acid and carbon dioxide into methance with the help of hydrogen. This capability is commercially exploited in teh production of methance and fuel gas inside gobar gas plants e.g., Methanobacterium, Methanococcus.
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