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Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

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Pollinia are found in

  1. Rubiaceae.
  2. Asteraceae.
  3. Asclepiadaceae.
  4. Myrtaceae.
Correct Answer: Option(c)
Solution: Pollinia is a mass of pollen grains which are fused by sticky discs called as corpuscula. This structure originates from a single anther. 
In Rubiaceae family, the anthers are 4-5 in number and are epipetalous i.e. attached to the petals. The anthers of Asteraceae are also epipetalous. 
Myrtaceae family does not show pollinia. 
Asclepiadaceae family show pollinia where the pollinia stick together and transported as a single unit during pollination. Pollination is carried out by insects. Hence, option C is correct. 
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