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Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

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Ligulate corolla is found in

  1. Sunflower
  2. Delphinium
  3. Pea
  4. Cucurbita
Correct Answer: Option(a)
Solution: Corolla is made of petals. It is brightly colored part of the flower to attract insects for pollination. Corolla is often differently colored, differently shaped part of the different types of flower. 
Ligulate corolla is gamopetalous and irregular type of corolla. In ligulate corolla, the petals are united and form a tubular structure at the bottom and flattened, strap shaped structure called as lingule at the upper portion. 
Delphinium has spurred type of corolla in which two or more petals are united to form a tube like structure called as spur. 
Pea shows papilionaceous or butterfly shaped corolla. Here, 5, free petals as odd, largest, posterior petal called standard or vexillum, two lateral petals called wing and two innermost, anterior ones are united to form a bat shaped structure called as keel. This form a butterfly shaped corolla. 
Cucurbita possess companulate or bell shaped corolla. In this case, petals are slightly narrow below and widened above to give appearance as bell. 
Sunflower shows lingulate corolla.
Therefore, the correct answer is option B.

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