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Properties such as boiling point freezing point and vapour pressure of a pure solvent change when solute molecules are added to get homeogeneous solution .these are called colligative propertiees applications of coligative properties are very useful in day to dya life one fo its examples is the use of ethlene glyvcol and water mixture as anti freezing liquid in the radiator of automobiles
A solution M is prepared by mixing ethanol and water .the mole fraction of ethanol in the mixture is 0.9
Given : Freezing point depression constant of water
Freezing point depression constant of ethanol
Boiling point elevation constatn of water
Boiling point elevation constant of ethanol
Standard freezing point of water = 273 K
Standard freezing point of ethanol =155.7 K
Standard boiling point of ethanol = 351.5 k
Vapour pressure of pure ethanol = 40 mm Hg ltrbgt Molecular weight of water =
Molecular weight of ethanol =46 g
In answering the following question consider the solutions to be ideal dilute solution and solutes to be non volatile and non dissociative
The freezing point of the solution M is

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