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Sugato Bagchi

Amazing app, with the best and easy UI. A great initiative to clear and solve doubts via personal one-to-one video interaction. If this app reaches enough support, it can reach to the next level and help students who are preparing for JEE/NEET and other National/International level competitive exams...

Rubiya Bhat

Whenever I used to strike a doubt while studying, there used to be only 1 option, to wait and clear it in the next class and sometime it used to skip out of my mind that I have to ask doubt to my teacher. And the worst part is due to lockdown there was literally no one to clear mu doubts. But thanks to Filo. Now my doubts will be easily cleared within a few seconds...

Vasundhara Pant

I highly appreciate this noble work of our elders to help their youngers in solving doubts .. Really great work . Anytime within seconds doubts are cleared really marvellous creation by IItians...It is really helping me a lot. Thanks for the support.

Rishabh Khanna

Great app in this pandemic, Please add a feature to record the lecture session. I asked Question from mathematics calculus; that awesome bhaiyya or sir did his best to solve it out!! I mean just amazing no fee & the great hardwork ❤️💕 That's why they are in IIT✌️✨ May God bless you all.......🙏

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